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  1. Hello all, Was really looking forward to listening to this show again and I went to go play the files, but they weren't there. Somehow they vanished so if anyone has a link that they can and care to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly and in advance Steve
  2. I’d also love a link for the nite owl release
  3. Fantastic sample anyway I could get a link? much appreciated
  4. Hi Steve I don't know if this has been discussed at all, but what were the plans as far as the setlist for the upcoming 1980 North America tour? Was Zep just going to pretty much replay the "Tour over Europe" "short" setlist and have it be condensed or were they going to expand it to the standard 2 1/2 to 3 hour+ gigs that everyone here in the states were accustomed to for the better part of their career I was always curious about what they were intending on doing for that tour Thank you in advance
  5. bscsmkr

    Top 5

    Well it's been another year and a few new releases have come to light Did any of them jump into your personal top 5? Has your top 5 recordings changed at all during the course of the year? List your as of right now top 5 desert island LZ bootz (it also helps new traders get an idea of current best) And believe me I know it's been done before, but I thought since more releases came out, things might have changed for some of us The List: 1 - Southamption 73 2 - Flying Circus New York 1975 3 - Keep taking the pills (Earls Court 05/25/1975) Tyring to find another copy though. D
  6. Why is the Bath performance considered by most to be a ledgendary performance/show in the annals of LZ?
  7. I actually forgot I had an account here. I've been lurking for far too long Anyways... I think that in order for the fans to continue repurchasing material, Page needs to pull out all the stops like PF did. Based on the speculation above in that article, I'm not so sure that that is enough for people to put down big money I would think alternate and unreleased tracks from each album along with live material from every tour both in audio and video and specialized books with artilcles and unreleased photos from studio sessions and live Maybe some of the bootlegs we've all loved over the year
  8. I was thinking that Houses of the Holy would be the rare song. I'm hoping for more rare tracks as well though. I wonder if they'll play Hey, Hey......?
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