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  1. I've been a avid rabid LZ fan for years. I guess I would consider myself a 2nd generation fan (I'm 45 years old). I started into LZ back in the mid 70's and saw my only LZ concert in '77 at the Los Angeles Forum.

    I can't really pinpoint what it is about them, their music, or what that makes me appreciate them so much (could be Bonzo since I'm a drummer and he's one of my biggest influences).

    Here's my question and it's directed to the younger fans here (teens to early 30's). What is it, for you, that you like about LZ?

    I think it's amazing all the younger fans that they have nowadays. Not that I don't like the music of today(some of it good some of it toilet fodder), but what is it about LZ that you like?

    Nice thread, Bonzoholic! I'm 18 and I have been listening to them for many years already. Actually there were some other bands that interested me, and there are such bands, but soon I get tired of them. And Led Zeppelin is always like a fresh breath, something that remains the same. I guess they give me something nobody else can give. There is whole lotta love, whole lotta magic in their music, in every single sound, in stunning athmosphere. Today nobody's able to create something like that. There are so many bands trying to copy their music, the whole stuff, but they can't succed. Talented people just had met and created a whole world, they are Gods in it and today nobody can approach it and find the mystery to break it and see what's inside.

    It's hard to explain what it's about them. Just Led Zeppelin. Just magic. Just the best band ever.

  2. And according to her post listings, she has not posted any links...

    Probably not links but extracts, you know. She told me she had posted something proving our opinion, but I haven't look at it to see what exactly. But I'll ask her ok?

  3. um...thats false. He has posted a grand total of zero links in this thread...

    ah sorry I don't understand you quite well...you mean there are no articles from her? (it's a girl))

    if so, probably she's posted them on the thread "News that make you say WTF" or however it's called.

  4. Here is another article for you to consider Maureen. It has to do with Russian military actions at the port of Poti on the Black Sea. My question to you Maureen is why would Russia (who claims that this mission was a humanitarian rescue in South Ossetia) be doing at this Georgian port on the other side of the country?

    I would love to hear your explanation of this... or what your government is saying through official news releases. Do you think the Georgian militiary was killing civilians in Porti too?

    Russia Briefly Seizes Georgian Port


    August 19, 2008 11:10 a.m.

    POTI, Georgia -- Russian troops briefly seized control of the economically vital Georgian port of Poti Tuesday morning, a day after Moscow said it had begun pulling its forces out of Georgia.

    Associated Press

    Georgians with their eyes covered sit atop of a Russian personnel carrier in Poti.

    Some 70 Russian peacekeeping forces entered the port grounds Tuesday morning on armored personnel carriers, jeeps and an army truck, according to Georgian government and port officials. They detained 20 Georgian soldiers and confiscated their weapons. They left about four hours later for their base near the Georgian town of Senaki, taking the detainees with them. The Georgian soldiers were driven away on top of APCs, handcuffed and blindfolded, and Russian soldiers trained their automatic rifles on them as they rode back to Senaki.

    The Russians also confiscated five jeeps and an armored Humvee belonging to the U.S. armed forces, according to Alan Middleton, CEO of Poti Sea Port Corp. He said the equipment was used for joint U.S.-Georgian military exercises and was sitting in the Poti container terminal ready to be shipped back to a U.S. base in Europe.

    "I suppose the U.S. won't be impressed by losing their equipment," said Mr. Middleton.

    The port had been forced to shut down Tuesday due to the Russian deployment, he said. There were ships waiting to come into Poti and others waiting to leave, he added.

    In addition, the Russian forces commandeered a Georgian navy motor launch that was berthed on the port's breakwater. They tugged it to the nearby Georgian coast guard harbor and blew it up, according to Mr. Middleton and Georgian officials.

    The detained servicemen were members of the Georgian coast guard, who had returned to their previously abandoned positions in Poti naval port late Monday night. Georgian officials said they had a right to do so under the cease-fire agreement with Russia. Officials from Poti followed the Russians to the Senaki base to try and negotiate the soldiers' release.

    The Russian move is another blow to Georgia's economy just as intense diplomatic efforts by the European Union and Washington appeared to have succeeded in winning Russia's commitment to a pull-out. The conflict first blew up on Aug. 7, when Georgia attacked its breakaway region of South Ossetia, triggering a massive Russian counterattack. Russian forces have since occupied all of South Ossetia as well as areas deep into Georgian territory.

    Khaimah, one of the United Arab Emirates. It is Georgia's busiest port and a key gateway for the region, last year handling eight million tons of cargo. A big expansion plan is in the works which will triple the port's capacity. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has said Poti will be turned into a free economic zone and Ras Al Khaimah was planning an ambitious new industrial development next to the port.

    Poti is a critical entry point not only for Georgia but also for its neighbors Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as the land-locked nations of Central Asia. The flow of goods into Poti and other Georgian Black Sea ports like Batumi has already been disrupted by the war, especially the Russian occupation of Gori, which has severed the main east-west arterial road through Georgia.

    The port was closed for two days after Russian planes bombed Poti on Aug. 8, at the start of the war, but since then it had been operating normally.


    Thank you for the article. So far I have no information concerning this situation. I'll just watch the news and hear what they say about it. But I'm sure our soldiers want to help victims. Though now I can't say anything for sure cuz I don't know what it is all about now.

    Thanks again for information :)

  5. I haven't seen either of you post anything but opinions that are in lock step with Putin's. If I missed the sources you or her are using and posting to support your view, please repost them or point them out. I'll take a look. Thanks. B)

    Personally I haven't posted some articles, but as far as I know sweetagel578 has. Please look through the topic and find some.

  6. You just don't want to face some more facts... I'm tired of saying simple things, I have already said enough and sweetagel578 has posted some articles about the matter. What's the point in proving something if you simply do not want to listen to anyone who has another point of view. That's it, I'm sick of it all. We don't need nither more territory not more oil. We have enough already thanks God.

  7. Yes, mine are from a variety of news sources from around the world. While yours are mainly from the Russian government.

    Dear, please pay attention to the fact that I do know English. Well, my English is not that perfect but I am able to read in English so don't think that I get information only from my government writen or said in Russian.

  8. I am perfectly capable of respecting and admiring the Russian people. They have been through much more adversity than any American. But at the same time we must recognize that it is your government which continues to bully and intimidate former Soviet nations and provinces seeking independence. Your government is not exactly very democratic.... and that is something that we in the West will always have concern about.

    For my part I admire the brashness and competative nature of the Russian people. In a philosophical sense, it was becuase of the threat by the Soviet regime, that in part forced America to become a world power. Russia brought balance to global politics, providing a clear advisary for America and Western Europe to contend with. I'm sure that without that 'balance' -- America and the West would have become distracted and lazy, just as we have since the break up of the Soviet Union.

    Sometimes agression is warranted when the threat is sufficient. But in this case I honestly believe that Russia could have caused Georgia to change their tactics had Russia put stonger diplomatic pressure on the situation. Russia being a permanent member of the U.N. security council, a major military and economic power with standing in the G8 and with Europe--- could have forced a change without sending in troops. Do you really think that NATO and especially the United States would have ignored a possible use of military force by Russia without possibly intervening diplomaticaly and putting pressure on Georgia? Unfortunatly Russia did not present that option first; which should make you question Russia's motivation for the military action .. (oil maybe?). I believe it was to take control of the territory that has been in question by force. Which to me explains why Russia avoided a diplomatic solution. They might not have gotten everything they wanted with a negotiated settlement. This way Russia gets everthing they want and there isn't a damn thing anyone else can do about.

    See my point?

    I do see your point, it's perfectly clear. You see, Russians can't deny and ignore the fact that our country is not democratic yet. There's still a great room for improvement in this sphere. I do agree with you here.

    But speaking about the conflict (BTW it is more than a simple conflict now), as far as we here in Russia know, the USA didn't expect us to interfere in the war. They thought we would just step aside and let them do everything they want. The Pesident of the USA said "Hey, come on, don't fight, nobody needs the war", but we're not the agressor, all we wanted to do is to help poor Ossetians, cuz there were already 2000 dead people. I know you have another information. I know you do, as well as all people in Europe and in the USA do.

    What are we talking about, if you simply have different sources of information. It's not the matter of somebody's opinion, it's the matter of different facts - you have a couple of facts, me too, but they are completely different, let's even say oppisite.

  9. But the truth eventually emerges after all of the pieces of the puzzle come to light. I try to pay attention to all the pieces so when I finally arrive at a conclusion it will be a true one. This would be an excellent topic for Spats to put his fine mind to if he weren't distracted by the dating dilemma.

    Really wise! Good for you ;) but be patient and don't make any conclusions till each piece of the puzzle is perfectly fixed.

  10. Why would a Russian say otherwise? Do you really think the rest of us agree with this? And what about the recent assinations/assination plots blamed on the KGB by British intelligence officials and the President of the Ukraine?

    Are you really going to stand by the lie that KGB is not still involved in these dirty little tactics?

    Read up:



    Hey I have already said that I thought the Georgian President made a silly gamble in South Ossentia and the Russians called him on it. But I also believe very strongly that the Russians have for years been covertly making trouble in the disputed territory. Russia has for a long time just been waiting for the right provocation to go in and TAKE the territory. You are completly naive to assume otherwise. I have only called this like I see it. But I have actually just been waiting for this to happen with Russia, as I fully expected that once your country became economically stable again.. this would be the result.

    Russians will ALWAYS act like Russians, just as history has taught us. If that offends you, then too bad. It's still the way I see it. But in many ways I'm almost glad that it is happening because it just might wake some people in my government and in the governments of our NATO allies. We still need to be prepared for ANY possible contingency when it comes to both Russia and China... obviously.

    No, Russia is making a very bad mistake right now with this gross over reaction and use of military force. If Russia continues to act as if it can bully former Soviet nations in this manner, Russia will once again find itself politically and economically isolated from the Western nations who have up till now been gracious enough to include Russia as an economic partner.

    THIS IS NOT THE WAY FOR RUSSIA TO PLAY NICE! -- That is if if they still want to have improved relations with the United States, the U.K. and it's former nations, Western Europe and the various liberated Eastern bloc nations like Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania ... and on and on.

    Something for you Russians to think about in all due respect.



    I see your point of view. I do respect your opinion, you have a right for it, that's for sure. I think you should respect us too. I'm talking about people, not our government - that's another stuff. If we say something, we have a right for it as well as you do. Personally I'm sure when I say something, and if I say something it is based on something, you know? I would never support my government if it was the agressor.


  11. Truth???? From a Russian????

    When has that ever happened?

    No offense, but Russia has taken full advantage of this situation in order to expand it's territorial borders.... as usual. The fact is that the territory in question has been disputed since 1991. But it is also a FACT that Russia has had hundreds of years of imperialist designs on the land, as well as the rest of eastern Europe. And please don't act as if the oil has nothing to do with this either! So excuse me if I take a moment to remind you of that.

    And besides, what if Georgia wants to become a NATO member? What business is that of Russia's?

    We need to all finally accept what I have been saying for years, and that is that Russia is still run by the KGB, and can never be trusted.


    It's wonderful. It really is! How people in the 21th centure do not want to live TODAY! Hey, wake up! Our country is different now, KGB maens NOTHING today, ok? And if you don't know that I suggest you avoid saying things like that, at least find out the situation at first and only then make any conclusions. Really, I don't want to offend you either but please don't talk of things you simply don't know. We don't need any territory now, Georgia does. It's too small, it needs more territory to mean anything in the world.

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