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  1. Hi!! Welcome!! It's amazing you have seen them. I'm only 18 and I have not. Pity! I wish I had...
  2. Oh I love England!! I love people from England!! I'm crazy about the English language! I even adore the English flag! So WELCOME!!!)))
  3. Welcome everybody!!! This site's worth being here! Enjoy
  4. Thank you, dear! In the 1st pic both of us are wearing Rolling Stones T-Shirts and as for our jeans, there are those famous Rolling Stones lips with tongue on the back of the jeans
  5. Jimmy, that's for sure. As for Robert...I can't even look at him without desire so I don't think I could be best friends with him
  6. great pics everyone!! Me and my friend in France, just a couple of pictures:
  7. Oh yeah, I've look looking for it very hard too)))) but nope - there's nothing but his jeans and...u know....)))
  8. Dear Linda, hi! I'd like to know some stories too, I have a book...ah I hardly remember how it's called...but there's only the history of the band and something else... All I know - "The Girl I Love She Has Got Long Black Wavy Hair" song is about Robert's ex-wife.
  9. Lizzy, very hot, as usual, thank you
  10. Agreed!! Quite shameless...and damn..I like it!! Obviously he hadn't any undies)))
  11. It is! As far as I'm concerned, my breath is still taken...
  12. OMG...so hot!! but somebody has warned it's too hot anyway!! I've got some pictures...not sure if you ladies have seen them!
  13. wow those pictures are great...Good night and SWEET DREAMS)))))))) if you kbow what I mean..)
  14. I have had many dreams about Robert... They weren't erotic, though once it was like this: there was some car, we were sitting in it, talking, smiling etc. I just remember that we kissed. It was very sensual...and long. But that's all, nothing more...unfortunately))))
  15. Here I am) Exactly what I've been expecting! great pictures, thank you!!! ahh I'm so glad I'm back)))
  16. Of course)) Goodbye everybody!!!! I'm leaving for France for 2 weeks. I'll be missing you!!! cya!
  17. Sure!!))) Obviously they are good friends!
  18. Charming photos! It's a pity i won't see them so long - I'm leaving for France! Thanx for sharing)
  19. Thanks!! Charming...) he's looking so proud in the 1st picture)))
  20. eMMi, thanks for the link. The guy is admirable, wow)))
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