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  1. Oh Chell, the pictures are superhot!!! thank you))))
  2. For about 16 days!!! Yeah I suppose that's great, but I just can't even imagine what it's like, you know...
  3. I'm going to France in 2 days.. I have never been abroad yet, so I don't even know what to expect!..)))
  4. You are welcome!!! Smashing pictures..yeah, that's right
  5. Mattmc1973, GREAT))))))))))) Lucyinthesky, thank you! Inspiration...my inspiration is Robert himself and as for this very poem - "Going To California")))
  6. thanx) I'm looking forward to reading yours)) BTW, your avatar is stunning)) one of my favourite pictures of Jimmy)
  7. Goddie68, a great poem!!!))) A couple of years I've composed a poem too, it's devoted to Robert and..I suppose to all hippies... Tonight I saw a beautiful dream: With smiling lips, as soft as cream, I saw you kissing flowers. I heard you singing tender, clean, With you were ripling birds and stream, Your heart was full of colours. I saw you tear with enjoyable feel That sunshine let you taste the thrill Of happiness and brightness. I saw a rose-leaf touched your skin, Your eyes were full of a simple mean That your true love is timeless.
  8. Pity!! That's odd, probably I just have to wait longer for them to upload...
  9. Oh thanks for nice words!!))) Great pictures, everybody!! It's always a pleasure to look through this thread, so many beautiful people!!!
  10. Chell, you're welcome!!! your pics are great too, especially I like the 1st one))))
  11. Tetelisa, right Logan. He is handsome) Not as wonderfully handsome as his father but still. )) Thanks for great pictures everyone!!!
  12. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    But he's perfectly slim...))))
  13. So many wonderful pictures!! Thanx))
  14. Yeah, I have never seen him cooking either
  15. Great pictures!! Oh yeah, he looks so charming with his children!! Speaking about them, I have a picture of his son...I'm afraid I do not remember his name. Here: and our beloved himself
  16. You're welcome! Your pictures are cool)
  17. You're very welcome!! I'm pressed for time at the moment! This evening I'll post some more))
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