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  1. Not musically; how can anyone betray themselves to like Fall Out Boy, Christina Agulera, Green Day, and Panic at the Disco? There better be some great force that comes out of the blue to slay the demons of pop music.
  2. I was thinking that this would give fans what they want, the tour itself would be different than your everyday tour, and this would give the opportunity for Plant to be even more creative, because I cant think of a single time when Page, Plant, and Jones has created a bad new sound (Yes, Bonzo was a big part of that, I'm not implying that he was not Thor's Hammer itself). If they made a new album for this, I would predict seeing a lot of the Moroccan feel that Plant has done with the Strange Sensation, and I think Page would surprise us.
  3. Back in elementary school I only listened to Weird Al Yankovic and Queen (because of Wayne's World). In 7th grade I started listening to disco for some reason, I started listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival and liked it a bit, and then I found In Through the Out Door, the only Led Zeppelin album my dad had on CD. I listened to that album repeatedly and then for my 13th birthday got Early Days/Latter Days, along with AC/DC's For Those About to Rock and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and the Stairway to Heaven Hermit Poster from a close friend (a female too). ITTOD is the first real rock album
  4. Fleetwood Mac before the two annoying girls was godly. Peter Green was amazing. I actually had never heard Green's Mac until I started listening to Judas Priest and I heard their cover of the Green Manalishi. I then went out of my way to find some early Mac and I found Live at Boston, which is a superb live cd in my opinion.
  5. I'm in my band, "The Subterranean Aviators" and play bass, as my signature says. The guitarist and I do all of the songwriting (almost a Page-Plant approach, except we are but men and they are shining gods) Anyways, we recorded a demo over the summer, but we fired our singer in November, and we lacked drums for a long time. The songs on our myspace are from last summer and are the most generic sounding songs we play. www.myspace.com/thesubterraneanaviators A horrible thing about my drummer.... HE DIDNT KNOW WHO JOHN BONHAM WAS! or who Neal Peart played for or who Keith Moon played f
  6. I was reading some threads and it sounded like Plant doesnt want to do a reunion tour playing nothing but the same old songs, thinking it is a sellout thing to do. I think that Led Zeppelin should pick up with the US tour they were planning in 1980, play the same setlist (which will basically be the O2 list with 3 ITTOD songs). This would be amazing, and be completely different than sellout tours like the Hell Freezes Over Eagles tour. The gigs could start off with a tribute to John Bonham in order to make things feel right (because kicking off from the point where he died is a bold thing to d
  7. Hot Dog. Possibly the worst Led Zeppelin song, followed closely by the Crunge. It is a shame Hot Dog exists, I love In Through the Out Door, it was the first Led Zeppelin album I ever heard.
  8. I am currently listening to my dad's collection. Which consists of III, Zoso, HOTH, Presence, Physical Graffiti, and In Through the Out Door. I am so happy that these weren't damaged when our garage mysteriously flooded about an inch. The flood destroyed the jackets of all of his near pristine Beatles records and some Rolling Stones bootlegs. A real shame. It a good thing Zep was in the box 5 feet off the ground. I have to say In Through the Out Door is my favorite. I framed the vinyl and the sleeve and put them on my wall. The cover is a work of art.
  9. I suppose I am a youngin' compared to most people on this forum. I'm reading all of these posts about 1977 and 1982 and I am thinking, my god, I wish I grew up in this time period! Hanging out with jimmy would be amazing, I wish I could see his uber-guitar collection, I bet he has an amp that goes to 12 in there.
  10. I met Robert Plant once, only that I don't remember it. My mom told me that we visited New York once when I was about 1 year old and we were at the airport getting on the terminal tram, and guess who is standing next to her? Robert Plant. The night before he was on David Letterman or Jay Leno (Obviously I wouldn't be able to remember which) and my mom told him he did a great job. Apparently he just nodded and smiled. When my mom told me the story she said she was lying through her teeth because she thought that his new music sucked. Keep in mind this was about 1992, before the Unledded tour an
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