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  1. Its a coin toss but I would take Let It Bleed.pick #1A Beggars #1B
  2. Its a coin toss but I would take Let It Bleed.pick #1A Beggars #1B
  3. I might be able to help ,but I need some more info.Can you tell if it was early Santana[Greg Rollie singing] or was it more of a pop song?Was it played on the radio alot.Any possible time period?
  4. Counterparts is one that wasnt well known that I liked also Roll the Bones.Early live album All the Worlds a Stage.Kinda of a best of their early albums.
  5. If I didnt know better, I'd think that Buck had it in for you.
  6. If you like guitar music,blues/rock,hard rock or instruemental go to http://www.grooveyardrecords.com you will find alot of music of the highest order there.
  7. I like the Who By Numbers album,but I cant say I put it in the top 3
  8. one of the best Queen albums was their first.It was a hard rockin album.
  9. Another favorite of mine is Man Child Also you have to dig that Thrust album cover
  10. Thanks for the cool Who links Jahfin
  11. Have you ever heard some of his early to mid 70's fusion the Headhunters album was real good an instruemental jazz/funk masterpiece.Not smooth jazz by any means.
  12. That is a killer song.You are right about the bassline.
  13. Tom Morello is one of best guitar players out there.Im not a rap fan but I always liked RATM.killier licks,great rythem section.
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