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  1. The flyover was part of a festival in Brisbane coinciding with a major sporting event in the same city. I've watched the Super Bowl and military aircraft fly over the venues, more than likely over populated areas. How is that any different? Obviously there is an element of risk but these pilots are highly trained so the risk is somewhat mitigated. However, it was a reckless decision on the part of the Qld government (who close their borders whenever somebody sneezes), to allow them to fly between the buildings. Brisbane and moreover, Queensland and WA have very few Covid cases and aren't in as strict lockdowns as other states. Our NRL competition was played entirely in Qld allowing for almost capacity crowds given that a lot of games were played in regional areas with smaller populations. The Grand Final will be played in Brisbane this weekend ironically between two Sydney teams. The above report is another example of sensationalism in the media.
  2. Here in NSW restrictions have been lifted with the Police and ADF having been stood down and the curfew no longer in place (for over a week now). No helicopters in sight. Border restrictions between Qld, ACT, Vic, SA, NT, WA and Tas still apply for the time being along with NZ. In just over a week, October 11 in fact, pubs, clubs, cinemas and other businesses will reopen for trade. International flights are set to resume in mid December.
  3. The Victorian Police have always been heavy handed, with zero tolerance. What this report failed to point out, is the fact that some of the protesters defiled the Shrine of Remembrance dedicated to our fallen in all the conflicts Australia participated in, by urinating on the building and leaving rubbish strewn on the lawn. Americans and the British would not and rightly so, tolerate such behaviour. Is it too much to ask for some balanced and accurate reporting? As for a war with China, that's their call not ours and we have every right to defend ourselves as we see fit.
  4. Why is that? Look for yourself they are out there, just use Google and you'll be surprised at just how many dubious websites there are also Facebook and twitter etc. as well.. For the record, I don't believe any of those conspiracies either.
  5. Conspiracy theorists, they're all over social media.
  6. China is hardly our neighbour. We called them out about having an independent investigation into the Wuhan "incident" and they retaliated by putting unreasonable tariffs on exports. To say we are anything like Communist China is ludicrous.
  7. First of all it's a state not a federal app from the South Australian government. We in New South Wales are not forced to download anything. Most of the restrictions including curfews (which are overnight and most people are asleep or working in essential services), are expected to be lifted in early October. Th goal to reach 80% of the population vaccinated should be reached by the end of September. People are able to cross state borders for work purposes and transporting goods etc.
  8. Globalist tyranny? That and microchips in vaccines that modify DNA. Where will it end!?
  9. That's pretty funny Steve. Thanks for laugh.
  10. Thanks, Strider! 68 and still going strong. Zep Art at it's finest.
  11. You have NFI about what it's like here. Hermit Continent? I'd rather be living here than anywhere else, period. Liberal Democracy is an Americanism and we are not American. We are Australians living under an Australian Democracy. The only thing Liberal here is the name of the elected Party who are, somewhat ironically, conservative, which as I understand is the exact opposite of what a Liberal is classified as in the USA. So while we share a lot of similarities we are poles apart on other things. Take care.
  12. You have no idea of what's happening here. There have been on average 1200 cases per day over the last week alone. 1039 Covid related deaths over the last 18 months with an average of 5 per day since the current outbreak. Some deaths were actually caused by Covid and others were because of pre-existing health issues exacerbated by the virus affecting their immune system and / or their respiratory functions. Most of the cases were brought into the country from expats and flight crews returning home for other countries including Argentina. I would expect to see more cases arriving and going into quarantine following the recent evacuation of Afghanistan. Also there was many incidents of selfishness including a "security" guard having sex with one of the women in isolation and then going home and risking infection. Previously hotel quarantine was the norm but were clearly not working as there were some not doing the right thing and isolating for 14 days. Some think that period is unfair but it's better than spending who knows how long in ICU on a ventilator. As for animal cruelty this has only come to light and yes, if it is true it is deplorable. The SMH is hardly a reliable source as they and most other newspapers here sensationalise and never let the truth get in the way of a story. The so called "freedom" demonstrations were not peaceful but downright violent causing harm to police and animals and many arrests followed. The idiots refused to wear masks and were recognised and in the process some of them contracted the virus. Clean up your own backyard before you criticise mine.
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    ANZAC Day

  14. G'day Walter! I had my first shot yesterday and my second is booked for the end of June. Flights to and from New Zealand will resume on the 18th of this month with certain restrictions and caution. The decision was delayed due to a minor outbreak in Queensland just before Easter but with a short lockdown in Brisbane and surrounding areas, was lifted after a few days once the contact cause was detected and isolation ensued. Queensland is the only state not included at the moment but will be reviewed soon and hopefully will commence on the 18th too. My daughter has been back home for a couple of years now and doing well with her career and busy preparing for the construction of her new home with her fiance. She misses Disney and no doubt will return one day as a visitor. Stay safe.
  15. We here in Oz are well under way with vaccinations. I expect to have a shot in the next couple of weeks but I'm in no hurry. With no Covid 19 infections reported in the community for weeks now and only a few from international visitors (mostly ex pats returning home), in quarantine we are distributing inoculations to those who are deemed priorities. We can book on line to get vaccinated by our local doctors. There were hiccoughs at first due to bookings reaching saturation point but it seems to have been sorted out. International travel between Australia and New Zealand is expected to recommence in a matter of days. I can't wait for the rest of the world to catch up with us as well.
  16. R.I.P. Charlie Pride. Back in September 1975 Bo Diddley (deceased 2008), was playing a gig at the Coogee Oceanic Hotel and Charlie got up with him and they did a rendition of Dobie Gray's Drift Away. Great voice and something of a departure from Bo's usual repertoire.
  17. This sounds like another similar story. A woman filed a tax return and answered the occupation question: Poultry Farmer. Long story short, assessors visited her and asked her to show them her "farm". She pointed to a large four poster bed and said, "I raised 1000 cocks here last year!"
  18. After reading all the posts, it is clear there is/was a lot of misinformation put out by government agencies about Covid19 and the imminent release of vaccines. Some of the concerns mentioned are valid whilst others are simply nonsense. Any vaccine is not 100% effective as some people have bad reactions to them but for the most part are safe and do offer some protection against a variety of diseases. The pharmaceutical companies and medical research teams from around the world have created a race to be the first to find the "perfect" vaccine with limited testing. Time will tell if they are/were successful. This pandemic has caused a lot of suffering both health and financially. Over 1.5 million deaths and counting and untold jobs lost. To suggest that a vaccine will cause mind control is ludicrous and where is the evidence to support it, from some questionable internet sites and other conspiracy theorists? Freedom being taken away, is another puzzling situation that is being blown out of proportion. Now I don't know what it's like living in the U.S. at the moment and I won't pretend to know as I am not privy to first hand experience. Back in March in Australia, we acted swiftly to close all international and state borders and introduced lockdowns with only essential services i.e. health workers, construction, supermarkets and transport industries exempt but with strict protocols enforced to restrict exposure and spreading of the virus. However, this was not 100% effective as the virus was introduced by international travelers and expats arriving home. Those people were forced into quarantine for 14 days in hotels some 5 star at the expense of the N.S.W. government (taxpayers). Social distancing and testing was introduced and an app was created for contact tracing to identify and capture potential infections or anyone who had visited any "hotspots". Masks were encouraged to be worn in areas of large gatherings like supermarkets etc. Hand sanitiser was and still is provided free at every location. Impinged freedom? No. Just common sense precautions. Questionable, if not illegal practices of some corporations, particularly those associated with aged care facilities causing a high death toll which would have been avoided had they allowed the healthy residents to return to their families. That was definitely a case of taking away freedom. not by the government but by greedy corporations. They are now facing criminal and civil justice. When businesses were forced to close, the Federal Government introduced initiatives to help relieve the financial burden on workers and to keep business afloat. This was in the form of Job Keeper payments for workers stood down and those on welfare had their payments doubled for 6 months and we received two extra economy stimulus payments of $750 during that time. Our government did what they're expected to do, protect and care for their people. Sadly, some small businesses will not recover and have closed for good but there is still hope for them. The positive thing is we learned a valuable lesson in that we relied to heavily on imports and how we need to return to manufacturing our own goods. This was highlighted by the lack of personal protection equipment (masks) available to hospitals etc. and because pubs and other venues were closed, the demand for alcohol was reduced bottle shops (liquor stores) not withstanding, distillers started to produce hand sanitiser and wipes etc. Our military stepped up and helped with production and logistics. Panic buying was experienced across the globe especially toilet paper (as if it were some kind of miracle protection!?). We were always allowed to go out and about for physical exercise and to ease any potential mental issues caused by being locked down. Now our state borders are open to all states and we are almost Covid 19 free except for South Australia which had a small outbreak but are expected to open very soon. 2020 will be a year hard to forget here, first with horrendous bushfires, then floods (the affected communities were just starting to recover somewhat) and ultimately compounded by the virus. We are fortunate that we are able to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with families and for that I am am thankful to our government and agencies who have worked tirelessly over the last 9 months to get where we are now. Australia may not be the greatest (whatever that means?) country but in this instance we are proving to be the best. Stay safe and enjoy the Christmas/New Year as best you can. I hope and pray that this ends for you all soon. Peace.
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    Great game.
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    Tonight's kickoff imminent. Who's that band playing in the background? https://www.foxsports.com.au/video/league/nrl/blockbuster-eels-vs-chooks!776652
  21. https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2020/03/19/en-banc-ruling-in-led-zeppelin-litigation/?fbclid=IwAR1CkPotwaxavHvgtAlUdl_WYzeU40wVapt3uSVhKo7iawrFrtA9tK3SziA&slreturn=20200219204938
  22. This is among the only things this woman managed to salvage after evacuating her home from the fires around Cobargo N.S.W She was giving Scott Morrison a serve.
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