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  1. So the Patriots are WORLD champions! How does that work? Two calls that stood out during the game that were confusing and momentum killers that definitely favoured NE. That tackle where the Rams player was penalised for being too rough or some other asinine reason. With all the protection they wear and obvious fitness, players should be able to take a hit like that. They are men aren't they?. Conversely, a Rams player was coathangered while the Patriots player escaped being penalised because he (the Ram), was deemed to be in the field of play, when clearly he was over the sideline. Why should that make any difference? A cheap head shot is a cheap shot every day of the week whether it's on or off the field. The way singers perform National Anthems nowadays is appalling , vocal histrionics are a poor substitute for singing with feeling and pride in your country. They do the same here at sporting events. Maroon 5, mediocre at best and definitely not a stadium act. Commercials!? Still, it was a tough defensive game that went right down to the wire.
  2. Evan Theatre Friday 30/11/18.
  3. How about that punter for Seattle, Michael Dickson?
  4. Nice work! I looked at 23 but it was hard to pick it when horses don't have much if any, form on Australian courses. I gave you second and third. You're welcome! The trifecta paid 2.5k here.
  5. The race is on today at 3.00pm AEST in 4/12 hours.. New York is 16 hours behind Australia. I like 3, 9, 11, 17. Not necessarily in that order.
  6. Ashes. Check. On to Melbourne.
  7. Could be a triple and double ton in a test match innings. A record? A declaration tomorrow at / by lunch.
  8. A long way to go yet, CP. Malan and Bairstow batted magnificently, the highest ever fifth wicket partnership against Australia. 6 for 35 was disappointing for England. Losing one of your strike bowlers hasn't helped the cause. Has Cook played his last test? Perhaps. Hopefully Smith will get another ton.
  9. In just over 24 hours the Perth test begins. Should be a fast pitch and good weather too.
  10. England's woes continue leading into the third test in Perth.. https://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/12/09/18/08/fresh-booze-bother-for-england-cricket
  11. Old Don is in a bit of trouble, think Harvey Weinstein. As for Les, I think he ate a dodgy witchety grub and hasn't been heard of since!?
  12. Is it for the whole test? You'll have a good time Jules. I went a couple of years ago and watched the game from a corporate box. Happy Days!
  13. At the moment they are better than England and that's all that matters. If you don't mind me saying.....
  14. Adelaide. Check. On to Perth.
  15. Day / night tests are unpredictable because there haven't been many played so there is not much data available to make an educated analysis. Over the last four days the match changed many times with similarities to both teams, and is on track to change yet again. Unusual toss win to bowl first. Rain delays. Australia scores 400+ runs. England dismissed for less than the follow on requirement. Australia dismissed cheaply. England finds form with the bat. DRS calls for and against both teams. The trend for not forcing the follow on as in recent times may be reassessed from here on. Should be an interesting days play. History and statistics say England can't win but a result is possible and the pressure is squarely on them. Whether they can handle it remains to be seen. England are in a position to win but Root needs to score a century and to not lose any batting partners, however, if he gets dismissed early it may well end as an Australian win or end up being a draw. The latter options won't help England's Ashes campaign. All in all a good contest and great test cricket.
  16. Funny game, Cricket. I'll admit I was a little off with my assessment of the English bowlers. They should open the batting!? This will be lucky to last four full days. Stokes is on fire in NZ.....
  17. Day 2, first session, England 2 wickets - Australia 97 runs. Australia 6/306. The pitch is starting to turn.
  18. Tomorrow the Day/Night Test in Adelaide starts. Whoever wins the toss and bats will definitely have an advantage, especially at twilight before the lights take full effect. Australia to win? We'll see.
  19. Brisbane. Check. On to Adelaide.
  20. England all out in their second innings. Australia need 169 runs to win in four sessions. Smith playing for a draw? Never.
  21. The pitch leaves a lot to be desired. A little bit for the bowlers and not much for the batters. He was overawed I think and lacked patience. Out from a poor shot off an average ball. Hopefully the weather holds and we get a result one way or another.
  22. Day 2. I haven't watched today only following online and radio. England all out for 302 before lunch. Last 6 wickets fell for only 56 runs. Now to see how the Pommy bowlers and our new opener Cameron Bancroft fares.
  23. BTW, Usain Bolt has been giving the Australian team sprint training.
  24. Worried? You wish, CP!? England are a bit light on as far as their bowling attack. England have won the toss (probably the only thing they'll win) and are batting first. First ball only moments away. As for Maxwell he is only on standby. Both Warner and Marsh are playing.
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