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  1. Well, compare the "Stairway" mix we got on the companion disc to the album--not worlds different, sure, but quite a bit rougher and with those extra guitar flourishes that were mixed out on the album but that Page would play live.
  2. Hard to say if "Rock and Roll" will be a "snoozefest." I think it might be more interesting than the previously released mix, just because I think that one must date to sometime around the final album mixing sessions in London (since it sounds so close to the album) whereas a Sunset mix might be vastly different. And come on, that backing track of "Friends" was amazing.
  3. The stellar remastering work was the reason to buy the sets. The companion music was just gravy--and some of it was the best gravy I've ever heard. We could have had a hell of a lot more if Page hadn't been concerned with only giving us mixes from the period itself.
  4. Hey--that was my point! It's not worth it to me because I'm losing out. I might change my tune once I hear it, but we'll see. I would have gone in for the whole shebang, too...but not now. Re: Winston's...no offence, but if it's done well, it should blow his effort--taking 5.1 audio tracks and remixing/EQing--out of the water.
  5. "Never" is a bad bet. Sales numbers are down markedly from what they were a decade ago.
  6. Working now. This isn't a fair assessment. The 2003 release was brick-walled and the drums clipped--maybe that's been attenuated on this release. I'd hope so. But that is not enough of an incentive for me (and others) to buy something that is musically inferior to what came before.
  7. If you don't think the previous round of remasters were worth it, that's on you.
  8. This actually has me angered. I want to give the lads my money, but not for something that is musically inferior than what we already have. Also, Sam, I don't think the links are working--they all opened iTunes.
  9. Steve, you're a very, very sad human being. Keep your racism and sexism to yourself.
  10. I don't have a superiority complex; I'll admit that I am annoyed at the complaining people have done about these releases, but that's their loss/waste of time, not mine...
  11. I know someone who could personally refute that claim, at least somewhat. They might not have been into the drug scene, but they had fun if you catch my drift.
  12. I got excited at the fidelity of the snippets and thought that there might be something more -- alas, comparison with the boot sources showed me they were one and the same, just from the master as opposed to traded copies (and hence that much better). There were some things mixed for DVD that were left off, though, including "Long Tall Sally" and an alternate intro to "Since I've Been Loving You."
  13. I asked Kevin Shirley a couple of years ago whether or not anything hit the cutting room floor in terms of song choice -- didn't get a reply to that one. The extra EC tracks on DVD ("Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" and "Whole Lotta Love") are interestingly not from multi-track recordings, but from the video soundtrack; that suggests (to me) that they didn't mix anything else from EC,* otherwise they might have used it in the menus (like they did for "Over the Hills and Far Away"). * -- Of course we know he mixed (a heavily edited version of) "Long Tall Sally" for RAH, among other oddities.
  14. Resulting to personal attacks? Nice. It's a complaint if you're still airing your "disappointment" months after the campaign has ended.
  15. Any Knebworth official release would rely heavily on the August 4th performance, and then there's the question of what would you cut...
  16. I don't think you do, otherwise you wouldn't still be complaining about it. You obviously also didn't understand the implication of what I was saying: It's just a rumour, but it comes from someone who was involved in the LZII multi-track business, that at least some of the multi-tracks either no longer exist or are damaged. RE: Mastering on Mothership: Some light work was done to the digital masters used by Marino and Page. Similar work was done on the 2007 box. In terms of preferring the sound to the new remasters...I can't fathom it. But to each his/her own.
  17. Old news -- completely unsubstantiated...not saying we won't get them at some point, but they're a ways off yet. I personally think the BRs are fine, barring a few abysmal edits...clean them up, get rid of the stupid additions -- extra rocks, "No..." -- and I can live with Han shooting simultaneously with Greedo. In other SW news: The new Battlefront game is gorgeous and awesome.
  18. I think the only film that would ever "work" -- and that would meet with the approval of the band, if possible -- would be one that told their story through the music. An album-by-album, song-by-song exploration. Page's best interviews are the ones where people actually ask him about the music -- he lights up and, most importantly, opens up.
  19. I don't even think you have to class Page a "perfectionist" to understand why he wouldn't release either show in full -- they do not represent the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin by a long shot. Now, could a more "complete" setlist be compiled and put on DVD (i.e. more than what was on the 2003 disc)? Of course...but we're more likely to see an Earls Court composite one day.
  20. I'd be interested in any of the very early LPs...but most of them have only been bettered by later releases/fans who were able to get their hands on the tapes (or close enough).
  21. Two things: The campaign focused on using vintage mixes of the songs for companion audio -- Jimmy held fast to that and did not remix from multi-tracks; the other consideration is that I've recently heard some things that suggest a complete 5.1 release might be impossible. You might literally be the only person to have ever said that.
  22. I think a lot of people have forgotten how good 1977 was in general.
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