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  1. My favorite is Trampled Under Foot, and one of my favorite memories is seeing that live in Cincinnati on April 20, 1977. Also fond memories of blasting it out through the 8-track while driving.
  2. Then back to 1973. I can't make out the design of this one, either.
  3. But he wore another pendant in 1977 sometimes ... I can't quite make this out, what figure or symbol is it? And sometimes he wore both together.
  4. Sometimes he wore that one off stage as well. And sometimes during 1977 he wore no pendant at all.
  5. I'm wondering what symbolism Jimmy's various pendants had? Anyone have details? Probably the most famous one - he started wearing at shows in 1975, and continued through 1977 tour. Maybe he wore it later under button up shirts ... I've heard it said the stone was malachite ... I found some references connecting malachite with Saturn (Saturn of course rules Capricorn, Jimmy's sun sign) ... anyone know for sure what the stone was?
  6. I can't remember many of them but I have some ticket stubs to jog my memory. John Prine (1976) Lynyrd Skynyrd (1976) Led Zeppelin (1977 two shows) Heart (1978 and three later shows) Charlie Daniels (1979) Rush (1979) Foreigner (1979 and also 2000) The Who (1979, the Cincy fatal show) Blue Oyster Cult, 1979 Fleetwood Mac (1980) Ted Nugent (1980) Joan Jett (1982 and three later shows ... I like Joan Jett, OK) Yes (1984) REO Speedwagon (1984) Scorpions (1984) The Firm (1985) The Guess Who (1985) AC/DC (1985 and also 1988) Judas Priest (1986) Ozzy (plus Metallica, 1986) Bon
  7. And this is what he was doing to "warm up" before the first Louisville show. If you've ever been around there, you know he REALLY ended up out in the sticks at West Point!
  8. Hi all, Just joined this forum, been lurking on some others. I've been interested in Led Zep since about 1972, and saw them twice in 1977 (Cincinnati April 20, and Louisville April 25). I look forward to hanging around here!
  9. If there was new music, I'd love to hear it. I'd really like to hear some never played or rarely played existing Zep tunes, like Out on the Tiles Carouselambra (yeah, I know nobody else likes it, but I do) Candy Store Rock The Wanton Song The Rover But there would have to be some famous classics too!
  10. April 25, 1977 - Louisville, KY ... while Robert is talking about Physical Graffiti, a guy down front keeps calling for "The Ocean." Robert misunderstands him and answers, "We always do the old shit, what are you talking about!"
  11. Me too on the 20th (my avatar is from a newspaper article on the Cincinnati shows), then me too on April 25th in Louisville. Looks like we have several April 77 Cincy and Louisville vets!
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