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  1. Hard to believe none other captured that sliver of time but me. The date(month year) it happened says it all - 7-77 The Hermit,The Magician and myself,The Artist were in alignment with the power of enlightenment,The Sun! - True Magick my friend! That show was not a concert - it was a magickal act - never to appear again! I also captured the moment the witch danced the dance macabre that day - That one is even more amazing! I was there -
  2. You got that right! - No other photograph of this historic moment comes close - I was there! - I took this one too! - John Bonham posing as “The Hermit” for Jimmy! Oakland 7/24/77
  3. LZ77 - got your PM - thanks a lot my friend - do you have this fanzine - my photo of John Bonham and Keith Moon printed bottom left - at least they gave me photo credit so that's cool - I can't find any photographs of this historic rock and roll event where you can see both of these two great drummers actually playing live together - this never happened before or after - Where was Neal Preston? - I don't think he was there that night - I was there! ⚡️👁⚡️
  4. I know that MY photographs "are real" - I took them! - of course people do "copy" images - stealing is more like it - it happened to me - read about how a photograph of mine became the cover of a bootleg LP in trivia - I no longer sell them for that very reason -
  5. LZ77 - thanks - the pic below was created in the darkroom - I used salt on top of the photographic paper to creat the "starry sky" - I then placed a opaque disc on top of the paper before exposing the negative - this left a white circle on the photograph which I then painted with ink to make it look like the moon - the clouds at the bottom we're taken from a separate negative and printed by "dogging and burning" onto the photographic paper - unbeknownst to me a bootlegger bought the original art and used it on this live bootleg album cover - there are two separate versions - the first version the bootleggers didn't paste the cover to the album sleeve - the second version the cover was pasted onto the sleeve - The first version is rare - shrink wrap kept the paper cover from falling out - only 500 of the first issue were released - the second version you can find on eBay for about $50 - I caught up with the bootlegger much later in LA and he told me the story - the covers were printed in LA - the vinyl was pressed in LA too - the info on the cover was printed to mislead the Feds - my original photograph was taken at The Forum 1977 - I had a six row seat in front of JP that night - 🌜👁🌛
  6. This is the way "cool" looks performing onstage - ⚡️👁⚡️
  7. Led Zeppelin Oakland 07/24/77
  8. Does anyone know what book quotes Jimmy Page saying we could have called ourselves "the potatoes" or something like that - I am looking for this quote in print -Thanks Zufo
  9. Original Photographs from the 1969 Tour Book - The Visual Thing Ron Raffaelli photographer or original photographs of the last American concert - Oakland July 24th 1977 by Cruz Montoya Private Eye Photography.Also original photographs of John Bonham and Keith Moon drumming together - L.A. Forum June 23 1977.
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