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  1. I just got back from watching it in Daly City. I wasn't impressed with the sound. That's probably the theatre's fault. It wasn't loud enough. And it sounded like they played the whole thing through the sub-woofer. I could tell Jimmy was soloing, because his fingers were moving. It would have been nice to hear it without the bass and drums drowning it out. I could tell the band sounded great! Jason was awesome. When the DVD is released, I can play it as loud as I want and adjust the equalizer. Why was it rated R?
  2. Yes! You're coming to San Francisco! It says you're playing the 2007 02 set. Seems every time you've come here in the past several years, I only found out about the concert AFTER it happened. Guess I should join the mailing list
  3. It seems you play everywhere but the Bay Area. What's wrong with San Francisco?
  4. In another thread, Stybjorn mentions that it's Bach's "Bouree" that Page plays in the Heartbreaker solo. Usually classical music bores me, but there's a few very powerful pieces that I love for the same reason I love Zeppelin. I'm interested in what other pieces of classical music Zeppelin fans love. My contributions are: Bach, Bouree Chopin, Polonaise in A-flat major
  5. TSRTS This was the very first record album I ever purchased along with the Dead's Europe '72. My brother had just given me his old record player, and I had some birthday cash so I ran down to the record store. I played it over and over again. When I could finally afford it, I bought LZ I, II, III, and IV. And they seemed strange, not as good as TSRTS. Why was Robert singing so high? At the time I didn't like it. I've always loved his voice in TSRTS. I consider that his finest moment. He's singing lower, but he has an awesome voice in that range. In HTWWW, he's just a little too
  6. Jimmy Page has an asteroid named after him. It's official too. The IAU recognizes the name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meanings_of_a...s_(44001-45000) Discovered in 1997, 44016 Jimmypage, also known as 1997 WQ28 orbits the Sun in the main asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. 44016 Jimmypage is in an 11:4 near orbital resonance with Jupiter as seen in this image with a non-inertial frame of reference co-rotating with Jupiter's orbital period. (Yellow dot in center = Sun, thick gray band near Sun = orbit of Mercury, white band=orbit of Venus, blue/gray band = the
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