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  1. It is thrilling and depressing, in fairly equal parts, to read all the various reactions and responses to these long-awaited reissues. For me and many others, the remasters are amazing, truly stunning and easily on a par with - if not better than - the Classic Records vinyls. The bonus "companion" tracks are great to hear, and all the extra Super Deluxe goodies are totally cool. I can't judge these reissues fully until they have all been released. However, I'll bet I am not the only who feels a little disappointed that they have not released cleaner versions of bonus tracks that are already out there on bootlegs. Apart from tracks like Jennings Farm Blues, it seems a shame not to have some key demos or alternate versions that we already have access to, albeit in hissy, generally lo-fi versions. One day, no doubt, we will hear them in superior quality. Knowing the speed of "Zeppelin time", our descendants probably will. Given the times we live in, it seems ungracious to get over-emotional or too disappointed about any of this. Meanwhile, enjoy the tunes and be grateful for them, folks.
  2. Helloooo Dortmund!!! Bravo ledzepfilm. We bow to your music and video geekery.
  3. Thanks for the link. Curious how the official PR line is that "no alternate tracks exist from the band’s debut" whereas us trainspotters all know (and some even have) several outtakes from LZ1 on bootleg - e.g. BIGLY. I'm sure this has been covered before in this mammoth thread, but I reckon with Percy's self-confessed embarrassing and overwrought "Baby baby baby" vocalizations, he was probably not up for letting them be released, not to mention the probable lack of decent and relevant outtakes anyway. Still, roll on June 3rd.
  4. Great to hear, thanks. Always interesting to hear how interviewees speak more freely when they're in a smaller spotlight. But "I haven't got a band..."?? Oh, Jimmy!
  5. Louis C.K. is listed as also appearing that night. I imagine he'll be rather stoked to be on the same bill as Mr Page. Who'd've thunk it??!! Guess I know what to ask Louis if I ever meet him.
  6. There are several precendents for Genesis doing this with their esteemed catalogue. Notably, George Harrison's I Me Mine which was originally published 1980 in ltd. ed. Moroccan leatherbound slurp slurp drool lovely. Here's a link to one. Reprinted a few times since, in hardback too. Meanwhile the first editions still go for quite a penny. I consider Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page #444 to be my first true art investment. Oh, the aspiring classes. Frankly though, a cheaper copy would be more practical to have around the house and baby.
  7. If folk are all agog for the full analogue wet dream, there are always the extremely pricey Classic Record 200g all-analogue editions from 10 years ago. All deleted, of course. And yes, he wrote trying not to rub salt in the wound, those copies do sound rather spectacular. I look forward to comparing those to the 2014 remastered LPs. First world problems, eh?
  8. Every new promo clip for these delicious reissues makes a little bit of wee come out.
  9. The ashtray belongs to my two year old, who's a huge Tom Waits fan. Even though the kid wasn't born at the time of the video. I swear upon... the Jimmy Page book. Honestly! Hmm, I'll hold off on selling this beauty for a while methinks. Meanwhile, I'm liqudating my juicy droolworthy copy of Robert Plant's Dreamland double LP here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181379601864
  10. A completely self-centred thread here, please excuse. The situation is simple. I have one of the original Genesis Pub. 2008 Jimmy Page books. #428. I need to liquidate assets for a brighter goal. Hmm, see what I'm thinking? Video of its opening: Hive Zep Mind: what are your thoughts/knowledge about what the above books are going for, or indeed a reputable dealer for this kind of thing. Do you think it's worth selling at this point in time? (and yes, I'm considering that it's gonna be a Zep-heavy news year). Over to you, cheers.
  11. 120 pages. I wonder how many more there'll be by the time I finish writing this message. He semi-jested. Now, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but here's an observation about the extra tracks for the first album: I'm not too surprised that there are no studio outtakes, especially any with vocals. My reasoning is that Robert Plant is on record as being less than enthusiastic about his vocals for that album. Something about how he wishes he could delete all the "baby baby baby" hollerings, some of which are even more featured on the outtakes we've already heard (e.g. BIGLY). Maybe an outtake instrumental might've been nice, but given the short amount of studio time/alt takes that are relevant, and that there was a chance to release a multitracked Paris '69 concert, well I for one will happily take the latter. It makes sense. That's how their name spread - the live shows. Shows the full power of a one-year old baby Zep. The kid is wild! I'm looking forward to hearing the outtakes on II and III, but as an opening salvo in a long-arc plan of attack, the companion music on the first album seems a great statement to open proceedings.
  12. Interesting to see this; I have the original vinyl edition from Germany that was released 2010/11 or so, on black vinyl though. Looks like pretty much the same packaging. I shall have to remain fiscally chaste, however, and let this one pass on by...
  13. Triplet Kick

    Edwina Hayes Blog

    Thanks for sharing that link. It's a good reminder of how down-to-earth the folk scene tends to be, compared to the hype and bluster of rock and pop.
  14. Thank you! Shared and being passed around like a boogie chillum.
  15. "I'll have that groupie, and that one, and that one...aaaaand that one."
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