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  1. Je finis! yeah I as real lazy, it took like 5 minutes to do the backround and I couldn't find the strength to do it for like 3 monthes. so now it's done.
  2. yeah, my boyfriend had put on a black Sabbath CD on and I thought Dio was screaming "son of a dyke"...needles to say he was just asking to turn up the night. and well there's always the time I thought that "It's the call of the seventh start" was really "it's the sound of the mountain goat". needless to say my knowledge of Sabbath is slim to none...thank god I speak Zeppelin fluantly.
  3. like in some bizzare SNL sketch that would be effing hillerious and I'd watch...in real life it's hitting rock bottom, and the Zeppelin lads just don't DO that!
  4. ohhh I'd vote for JPJ..he's so stable!
  5. Stairway to Heaven on my High school PA system during recess, I hated it. a few years later I'd hear Whole lotte love and the rest is history.
  6. Farinelli:Il Castrato Almost Famous Jarhead Legends of the Fall Interview with the Vampire School of Rock Black Hawk Down Shooter The Hills have Eyes Dracula: Dead and Loving it Robin Hood: Men in tights Peggy Sue got Married Back to the Future Velvet Goldmine Munich 10 things I hate avout you My own Private Idaho Stand by me Titanic (I was a 12 year old Dicaprio Groupie) The Others Some like it hot Bachelor Mother (My all time favorite Ginger Rogers flick from 1939)
  7. a very strong subject, one needs to hold down to a table while facing it, lol. good lyrics, though I personally don't like mixing music with politics- or if you must somehow more subtly. I hope youv'e got one helluva mega riff to stand along with it. good chorus. perhaps more verses are in need? it seems short? are there? oh and I do think this thread needs some kind of a copyright issue raised to protect these lyrics.
  8. couple of pics I took of myself last month in London...
  9. Elvis Presley - A Big Hunk O'Love
  10. "Since I've been loving you"...man that's on hellu'va tough range to pull so well!
  11. Goodbye sweet prince...I can hear your heart beating in the sound of your immortal drum.
  12. oh wow...if this is true...and I'm very doubtful...what a fan to do? Robert or Zeppelin? ahhh the pressure! bullocks!
  13. not really a good picture of us both...but it was fun! I almost didn't let go....
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