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  1. Je finis! yeah I as real lazy, it took like 5 minutes to do the backround and I couldn't find the strength to do it for like 3 monthes. so now it's done.
  2. couple of pics I took of myself last month in London...
  3. "Since I've been loving you"...man that's on hellu'va tough range to pull so well!
  4. not really a good picture of us both...but it was fun! I almost didn't let go....
  5. The outline's done with a 0.4 black Pilot pen, the rest is colored pencils. Took about 50 min whilst listening to Manic Nirvana
  6. Just a little Robert chibi I've doodled....was bored...
  7. mmm...I just finished watching Titanic after like 10 years that I haven't (I was really bored)....I remember watching it 4 times in the cinema and like 100000000 times on video, so the 12 year old kid in me just popped in and reminded me how much I loved that movie...and from a vantage point of 10 years gone (lol) I can actually say that no matter how much it was grind to death, this movie is still really good. srsly
  8. Oh how the mighty have fallen….I believes Robert is very much responsible for the deterioration of the moral fiber and sense of the females on this forum (mind you I believe even some men, lol).
  9. fiddling around and playing is one thing...hooking a burning cigarette to it like Robert did is just begging for murder!
  10. okay see this...my guitarist would kill me if I did that to his guitar, it'll be the day I'll sing my last tune...hell, I'm on the verge of killing Robert, it's a Les Paul!!! for christ's sake! ahhh put it out put it out! lol
  11. so people I've boldly opted to put my work up for sale...check it out: ZEPP ART
  12. To satisfy my curiosity I read Richard Cole's book...now I know what they mean when they say curiosity killed the cat. At least he did provide these cute pictures of Robert so I still feel it was a bit worth while
  13. lol, not really just trying to get the french TV gig in 1969. but thanks
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