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  1. Je finis! yeah I as real lazy, it took like 5 minutes to do the backround and I couldn't find the strength to do it for like 3 monthes. so now it's done.
  2. yeah, my boyfriend had put on a black Sabbath CD on and I thought Dio was screaming "son of a dyke"...needles to say he was just asking to turn up the night. and well there's always the time I thought that "It's the call of the seventh start" was really "it's the sound of the mountain goat". needless to say my knowledge of Sabbath is slim to none...thank god I speak Zeppelin fluantly.
  3. like in some bizzare SNL sketch that would be effing hillerious and I'd watch...in real life it's hitting rock bottom, and the Zeppelin lads just don't DO that!
  4. ohhh I'd vote for JPJ..he's so stable!
  5. Stairway to Heaven on my High school PA system during recess, I hated it. a few years later I'd hear Whole lotte love and the rest is history.
  6. Farinelli:Il Castrato Almost Famous Jarhead Legends of the Fall Interview with the Vampire School of Rock Black Hawk Down Shooter The Hills have Eyes Dracula: Dead and Loving it Robin Hood: Men in tights Peggy Sue got Married Back to the Future Velvet Goldmine Munich 10 things I hate avout you My own Private Idaho Stand by me Titanic (I was a 12 year old Dicaprio Groupie) The Others Some like it hot Bachelor Mother (My all time favorite Ginger Rogers flick from 1939)
  7. a very strong subject, one needs to hold down to a table while facing it, lol. good lyrics, though I personally don't like mixing music with politics- or if you must somehow more subtly. I hope youv'e got one helluva mega riff to stand along with it. good chorus. perhaps more verses are in need? it seems short? are there? oh and I do think this thread needs some kind of a copyright issue raised to protect these lyrics.
  8. couple of pics I took of myself last month in London...
  9. Elvis Presley - A Big Hunk O'Love
  10. "Since I've been loving you"...man that's on hellu'va tough range to pull so well!
  11. Goodbye sweet prince...I can hear your heart beating in the sound of your immortal drum.
  12. oh wow...if this is true...and I'm very doubtful...what a fan to do? Robert or Zeppelin? ahhh the pressure! bullocks!
  13. not really a good picture of us both...but it was fun! I almost didn't let go....
  14. we use it alot in ...it really gets you a clear view of things before putting it down for real. also I can practice my vocals with it on my own. pretty effective I'd say but not for the old school, jammin' through a song till you get it out kinda fellows.
  15. so far the first thing that popped into my mind was Joni Mitchell's A Case of you: Just before our love got lost you said I am as constant as a northern star And I said, constant in the darkness Wheres that at? If you want me Ill be in the bar On the back of a cartoon coaster In the blue tv screen light I drew a map of canada Oh canada And your face sketched on it twice Oh you are in my blood like holy wine Oh and you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet Oh I could drink a case of you I could drink a case of you darling And I would still be on my feet Oh Id still be on my feet Oh I am a lonely painter I live in a box of paints Im frightened by the devil And Im drawn to those ones that aint afraid I remember that time that you told me, you said Love is touching souls Surely you touched mine Cause part of you pours out of me In these lines from time to time Oh you are in my blood like holy wine And you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet Oh I could drink a case of you I could drink a case of you darling Still Id be on my feet And still be on my feet I met a woman She had a mouth like yours She knew your life She knew your devils and your deeds And she said Color go to him, stay with him if you can Oh but be prepared to bleed Oh but you are in my blood youre my holy wine Oh and you taste so bitter, bitter and so sweet Oh I could drink a case of you darling Still Id be on my feet Id still be on my feet
  16. Oh god how I loath the Gypsy kings version of Hotel California? Let me count the ways…. (I don't fancy the original either) but that version just makes my skin crawl.
  17. Well Robert Plant is my no. 1 but I'm so f*ckin' biased it don't even matter. I think Freddie Mercury (RIP) had one of the most beautiful and powerful voices in rock. also Layne Staley (RIP) and Steve Marriot is just so fun to wail with. Grace Slick has/had just the most sexual and dark voice And of course Janis was just a riot of the senses. omg I forgot....Tina Turner and Etta James!
  18. Oh! the age old question….have we not gone through this with Bonham junior already? It's music, you can name it, but it's still music Leave that headache for the lawyers, people, and say a nice thank you for the kind people who give it to us.
  19. Personally I love the solo years, it's not Zeppelin but he's certainly been an eye opener for me…music wise, really opening my mind to different types of music. But then again I'll take my Plant any shape or form, the man got skill that I just can't deny. Here's a question though I always wanted to know the answer for, is there such a thing as a fan of Robert Plant's work who became a fan of his solo career first and then through that discovered love for Zeppelin? Or is it just natural and obligatory that Plant appreciators derive from Zeppelin fans? Has anyone here came to love the solo albums before Zeppelin?
  20. I'm sorry maybe this topic has been posted before if so- big brother delete it pls I got their EP (the boys were even kind enough to sign it for me) a few days ago, I kinda liked it, they've got a good sound. anyone else heared? any thoughts?
  21. yeah sure... I think the vocals were good and Jimmy..well it's Jimmy Page..come on!
  22. surely THIS dosen't include Percy? lol
  23. our dumb ass Israeli reporters were obviously surprised, only one of them knew it was actually Jimmy Page and he said- "oh it's Led zeppelin!" talked through that crucial opening riff (which I so love, just the beginging of if this song)- wanted to kill him. guitar sound was not as epic as it should be, none commented, I too don't think they knew the name of the song and only kid in the end that "we said earlier that the Brits would have to reform the Beatles in order to outshine China ..." and I'm thinking well-isn't this even better!
  24. oh my god that was totaly cool! seeing Pagely live rockin' like that...I'm so proud *wipes a tear* I thought Leona Lewis actually did a good job on vocals (please don't kill me! I think she has a good voice)...an intersting, good version of whole lotta "bleeding" love I'd say I don't know about you but the Israeli broadcast was a bit bad on the guitar sound, it was too quiet for me...I hope the rest of the world got the real sound. anyways, awsome job Pagey!
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