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    Redcar, Teeside, NE England
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    Led Zep and Classic Rock, Doctor Who and UK Sci Fi, video games (FPS, Civilization and other Sid Meier titles), James Bond, I also run a few websites, write alot and play guitar.<br />
  1. I've had a quick browse through their forum http://forum.cheatengine.org, and it doesn't seem to be dangerous. (Of course as a parent you have a moral obligation to your son... you want them to think cheating is OK?!) Seriously though, it does look quite advanced - far beyond cheating - so if you think your kid will learn from it, go for it. (By the way I work in software support, so I have a good grounding in these things)
  2. Female Zep fans did not look like you when I was a boy.

    And "hi" - thought I'd leave a message as your other visitors didn't!

  3. Seeing my wife when I woke up. I know, I know, I can't help it - it's still a good feeling after 4 years living together. Oh and my team winning
  4. It's the same with so many games though, isn't it? FIFA and PES "simulate" soccer, and so many people worship these games, but they're nothing like the sport concerned; I suspect war is nothing like Call of Duty; space trading nothing like Elite... Without going into people's psyches too much, we're all allowed to have fun within very wide boundaries, and there are so many ways we can do this. Sure it's disappointing that in the case of Guitar Hero players find the concept of a guitar so disposable, but hey, that's the music industry's fault for making rock n roll so disposable. We (as a society) are culturally conditioned to accept new things then forget them. But if there's a chance that someone picks up the game and makes enough of a connection with it that they're inspired to pick up a guitar proper, then I reckon it's a good thing. That person might even change the world.
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