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  1. If, and it's still an if in my mind until the boys say otherwise, but IF it happens, I'm counting on a 3-5 day stint at the Silverdome to make up for the show I missed from 1980. Still pissed at a friend of mine who, when he found out the tour was cancelled, sent his tickets back for a refund. He actually HAD the tickets already whereas my money was sent, but then refunded after Bonzo passed and the tour cancelled. The Silverdome is still standing(unbelievably) and would still be a great place to see them. Still no formal announcement, but going on what I was sent, I'm saving money because tic
  2. I know I may not be an "insider", but I know someone who is and this is a message recently received from him. This person has had more than reliable info over the past few years so I 99% believe what he says as everything in the past has been true. Don't count on any new material from the band. Jimmy's new stuff may see the light of day, but he really is holding out for Plant to work with him, though not as in new Zep album. Anyway the message I got less than a week ago reads as follows: The Led Zeppelin Tour for 2014 is on!! I just spoke to a close friend who was asked to be part of the mana
  3. A lot of people don't really notice that. There is also a variant of this where Jimmy doesn't have the cig. When/if these become somewhat more valuable, the "miscast" version will supposedly be worth 4-5 times as much.
  4. Word is there's a bit at the beginning with some Kinks music that they didn't give permission to use. They either sued or threatened to sue for copyright infringement and the remastered version had to be pulled. If you have that copy, it is somewhat collectible I guess. Not sure if it will ever really be worth anything as it's only 40 seconds long.
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