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  1. I did not see this posted, but here is video of Temple of the Dog playing Achilles last fall. Super tough song, and they pull it off. I thought I might get a chance to see these guys if they toured again, but sadly that will not happen
  2. Just arrived. Not sure when I'll get a chance to check it out, but i'll let you know about the numbered/distortion questions when I do
  3. I thought of that but figured, for this price, worth the risk. If it has the distortion issues I'll (hopefully) figure something out...
  4. Glad to help. I've been waiting to find these at decent prices, so hopefully i'll have some luck with the others (only have I and III so far)
  5. only 49.99 on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Houses-Holy-Super-Deluxe-Box/dp/B00M30WIJ6/ref=sr_1_1_twi_aud_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1482264653&sr=8-1&keywords=zeppelin+houses+of+the+holy+super+deluxe
  6. i have crates of audio boots already. i was hoping for something professionally mixed, especially for some of the great shows that have below par audio sources. but thanks anyway
  7. damn. guess i'm back to the Dead and Pearl Jam for my influx of live music. wish zep could get something similar going.
  8. Hey all. been away for awhile. Just wondering if there are any rumblings of Jimmy getting a new live release together any time soon. Thanks Matt
  9. well then you should probably stay away from the '77 versions...
  10. nice set...of course, it would be hard for them to put together a bad set. i'm most impressed with the IMTOD, for your life, NFBM, no quarter run...oh yeah, and sibly. shit, its all great. looking foward to the bootleg.
  11. agreed 100% it was my favorite part of the song, and one of the best moments from the origional album.
  12. hasn't jimmy said presence is his favorite album they did??
  13. doubt they would open for zeppelin. the festival is 3 days lng, with a headiner each night, the main headliner getting the saturday night show. so i'm sure zep would get that. pearl jam is supposedly scheduled to headline one night, and metallica would get the other. of course, i'm not sure i believe the rumor at all. metallica and bonarroo just makes no sense to me.
  14. drudgery??/ back in the day he would have just gone backstage and gotten blown... as for opening song...no chance for stairway. will they even play it at all?? it will be something upbeat. GTBT, rock & roll. don't see how they could pull immigrant song off anymore. robert can't hit those notes.
  15. agreed. bonzo is crazy at that show. that's always the first that comes to mind with bonzo, along with listen to this eddie. that whole euro '73 tour, musically, is the best the band ever played.
  16. its hard to say what underrated means...underrated by who? i think many on the board would say in the light is one of their best, but the mainstream zep fan would not. overall, the entire presence album i'd say is underrated (aside from achilles and nobody's fault, which get their much deserved props). jimmy page would agree with me.
  17. i guess you can say i'm somewhat of a fan...bonnaroo next summer will be show #32 for me! if anyone can hope to replicate zeppelin in today's rock world, it is pearl jam. now if only zep changed up their setlists as much as PJ does!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE pearl jam
  18. ahhh, screw that. hell, he played the '75 tour with a broken ring finger, and that's much more vital to guitar playing than the damn pinky!
  19. NewJPage


    my personal favorite, as someone else mentioned, is 3/21/75, seattle. the no quarter and dazed from that show are crazy. plus a rare version of SIBLY (rare for that tour, at least...). plus a full encore of WLL, heartbreaker, and communication breakdown. fuck, the show is like 4 hours and they played like 12 songs...lots of jamming. others are the usual. the 1st, 3rd, and 6th of the LA run in '77 are all awesome. blueberry hill '70 is sweet, with out on the tiles making an appearance. most anything from japan '71 is amazing, as is the last 5 or 6 shows from the euro '73 tour (in my opinion, these shows are the band at their musical peak, in terms of performance. not plant's voice, however). the last few of US '72. 7/24/79 is actually not that bad, compared to knebworth, which was pretty awful. zurich '80 is real good. the april fillmore shows from '69 are all good...hell there's too many to list. sadly, most all of my boots are on cassette, and stashed away in crates, so they rarely get a listen...too bad too, cause i have most every show available. its been about 10 years since i've been heavily into the scene though...any new "releases" unearthed lately that are worth checking out??
  20. the sound is WAYYYYY better than before. the cuts still piss me off. missing a verse in black dog. missing the beginning of the guitar solo in no quarter (why? its in the origional soundtrack??), whole lotta love is cut...makes no sense. i understand its a soundtrack, but why mess with the integrity of the MUSIC?? hell, page could have added communication breakdown and the organ solo->thank you on as well. i guess its just me pining for some complete shows. they should release one from each tour, as a kind of pathway through all that was live led zeppelin. overall, its better than before. nice to hear some of the added tracks, like misty mountain hop and over the hills. the release gets a B from me, when it could have, and should have, been an A...
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