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  1. Iwasn't there but the the set was probably the same as Boston or New York a few days later Train I can't quit you Dazed You shook me White Summer / Black Mountain How many more times (medley) Communication Breakdown You were very blessed to see them with The Who!!! Who did you go to see that night?
  2. This special show at Carnegie was mostly industry types and was the show to debut not only the new american tour but also debut LZ II I always jotted down the set lists and let me tell you this was by far the BEST Zep show I and all my collegues have ever seen and heard Most shows in those days were either sloppy or the sound sucked Carnegie Hall has perfect acoustics so the sound was killer and the prestige of a rock band playing there brought the best out in the musicians and being they were debuting a new disc (almost in its entirerty) to an important audience and the combo of sound & acoustics made this the definative LZ show in many eyes and ears! Where did you see them thattour?
  3. Saw Zeppelin the first time at the Fillmore East on May 31 1969 Wilbert Harrison and Delaney & Bonnie were the opening act! Zeppelin did much of the debut album including: Dazed &Confused How Many More Times ( w/ The Hunter & Boogie Chiilldrun ) Communication Breakdown You Shook Me Black Mountain / White Summer I Can't Quit You Babe Train Kept a Rolling Also saw them at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Oct 17 1969 Good Times Bad Times Communication Breakdown I Can't Quit You Babe White Summer / Black Mountain Side Moby Dick How Many More Times / The Lemon Song Heartbreaker / Livin' Lovin' Maid Ramble On Whole Lotta Love Please let me know if anyone out there was at either of these shows Rock On
  4. OK lighten up what are you the "post" nazi or what? You got more posts on here than anyone Get a life
  5. Any one know if the O2 show is being aired live or on tape delay stateside????????
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