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  1. anyone else hoping that Jimmy and Prince strike up a conversation that could lead to a collaboration? I know I'd enjoy the hell outta something like that
  2. Are you referring to the great man that is Pat Robertson ?
  3. Hello Mr.Page!!!! http://www.showofpeace.com/press/jimmy-page-to-play-show-of-peace-concert.html
  4. No, no, and no Jimmy created the idea of Led Zeppelin, then JPJ came along. Robert did NOT form Zeppelin(not to say he wasnt a huge part )
  5. I've heard so much about JPJ's Acoustic Amp, but I was wondering if this was the only amp he used live? I really love the sound of his bass and any info about his amps and settings would be appreciated.
  6. I can recommend No Quarter. Awesome solo which will also allow you to add your own stuff in there. Can I ask why you only do solos though? (a serious question)
  7. Was wondering if anyone has found lesson/tutorial on how to play No Quarter(on the keyboard of course). Id really appreciate a link.... Thanks
  8. Was just wondering if there are any zeppelin songs where Jonesy plays the bass in a different tuning other than standard?
  9. 15 and 1/2 Have loved zeppelin since i was a youngin' and will continue to listen even into the great beyond...
  10. hmm this was such an interesting riff, i thought it had more too it thanks guys
  11. i'm tlkin bout the very first guitar lick JP plays. Right when Bonham starts playing.
  12. In the beginning of How Many More Times at the Royal Albert Hall, Jimmy plays a guitar lick right before RP sings the line "Won't Somebody Please listen to me" and right after. I'm pretty sure this is from another song just cant recall which. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me. Heres the url to HMMT at the RAH:
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