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    drums, guitar, bass, piano, john bonham, jimmy page, john paul jones, and robert plant..(also known as led zeppelin)
  1. you are probably right! what do you think should 2 go with the two towers??
  2. so i was thinking about it last night while i was watching the song remains the same, and i have decided i like bonzo's style of playing better in the earlier years of led zeppelin..i think i can't really decide though.. i was wondering what ya'll thought about it before i came to any hasty decisions. haha. I think he played a lot more triplets and all that when the band was younger. And it seems as though with age that powerful driving force has faded a little bit.. NOw don't get me wrong, John Bonham is (in my opinion) possibly the most creative, ingenious, and quick-thinking drummer that has been in a band. And i know no matter what year it was he is still GOD on drums! But i couldn't decide which era i liked better. Early Days, or Later Days?? gimme some input on this one guys.
  3. I recently started re-reading lord of the rings, right... (i know nerdy, right?) Anyway, i started analyzing the books as a led zeppelin fan point-of-view. And i came across many thins that seemed strangely familiar.. I already knew that the Misty Mountains are refered to in the song MIsty Mountain Hop. But in Ramble On, I heard Robert Plant singing about the deepest depths of Mordor, and Gollum snatchiing a girl (whom i think is a metaphor for the ONe ring) And i thought that was curious. I have a theory (well an incomplete theory) about the original publisher of the book which happens to be a Ballantine Books. Nwo, i think Bonzo's sign may have some sort of connection with lord of the rings.. Now correct me if mi'm wrong, but isn't one of the possible theories behind his sign is Ballantine ale?? Coincidence?? i think not! MInd you, this is a half-assed theory. Can someone expand on this? Please explain if you can.
  4. i think it would have a higher rating, but younger kids don't really listen to led zeppelin that much. Sometimes it seems that the music that hits no.1 is usually some ©rap some song that has the same basic principles of every other ©rap song.
  5. i think The Who would be a really good band to see play with led zeppelin. it would be an interesting mix.
  6. you know, i don't even know you but i think that you are seriously missing out on some great music by not listening to the who, areosmith, or queen. so in summation.. go fuck yourself
  7. In my opinion, the best songs performed by Led Zeppelin are as followed: jimmy page: since i've been loving you, nobody's fault but mine, and of course black dog robert plant: Dazed and Confused, Rock 'n' roll, and whole lotta love john paul jones:dazed and confused(of course), NO Quater(for the keyboard work),and d'yer maker JOHN HENRY BONHAM: moby dick, achilles last stand and the song remains the same
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