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  1. Thanks for that. This might sound crazy but I enjoyed seeing the footage of the guys, the car, playing frisbee, almost as much as the Zep footage. I love seeing 8mm from the 70's because I miss it so much, it was a great time to grow up. Thanks for sharing. I too saw Zep on this tour in L.A. at the Forum, in Inglewood Calif. a month later June 26, 1977. Thanks for Sharing!
  2. Lanni pronounced Lane-nee

  3. .....so can you find me a 2010 Zep calender. You guys are really good at finding stuff on Zep. I see someone found a t-shirt for message board member jackk. I would love it if you could find me a Zep calendar. I have looked and can only find old ones. Thanks I really appreciate it. Lanni
  4. 1972 in High school I was in the 9th grade and everyone was listening to zep. I had a boyfriend who graduated the previous year ( I know older guy, who I eventually married) I was waiting for him to pick me up in his car he always had zep going in the tape deck ( 8-track) so I guess I can credit my now x-husband for turning me on to zep, .. it was good times the best time to grow up IMO the 70's., no AIDS, it was all sex ,drugs and rock & roll. I wish I could go back sometimes. I grew up in Claremont California by San Dimas (not the clairemont in San Diego). I was lucky to see zep in 1977
  5. lanni

    GRAMMY Results

    I am so Happy for them, could not believe it they won Album of the Year which makes 5. Very happy for Robert, it brought tears to my eyes because IMO he took a huge risk to team up with her, but it paid off!!! Fantastic!!!!!
  6. http://www.vh1.com/artists/news/1598367/20..._zeppelin.jhtml Thought you all might be interested in reading this. I realize you have all heard the rumors and read the things JPJ said, but I thought you might be interested. I got a kick out of the so called list of singers who have been mentioned to replace Robert. I myself hope they do not tour with a new singer. If they are all not on board then why do it. I can handle Jason he is part of the Zeppelin family but, any other replacements would tarnish the class this band has. Lanni
  7. lanni


    First off I just love the pic you have as your sig look at the kids faces it is like they are looking at god. I have stayed at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs my daughter lives in Palm Springs and visit the city often. It is an ok Hotel if you like modern design. I was surprised to see this hotels name also, so I am guessing this sign and/or name is not owned by MR Page or I totally believe he would have sued he is very protective over what he owns. Lanni
  8. Has anyone read "Led Zeppelin: Hardback Limited Edition (Rex Collections) (Hardcover)" is this book better with the pics then the one mentioned above. I am buying the one above but, I don't know if I should get this one too. If anyone has this book can you let me know how good it is. Thanks Lanni
  9. Thanks for your input. I am no guitar tech but I pretty much know Pages sound. God some people can be so pathetic! Lanni
  10. I don't know if this has ever been heard here, if it has I have not seen it posted and apologize. Below I have posted a link to youtube. The person that put it on youtube has it titled "Jimmy Page's lost Drunken Jam Session" I myself don't think it sounds like Jimmy but I do not analyze his guitar playing a much as some of you here do. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Unless you have heard it before and do not have to listen to it and can verify its authenticity. If I heard him talking on this so called "Drunkin session" I would know for sure it is him playing. I have real doubts!
  11. I don't post much but I had to vent. Excellent point just as I was thinking. Rob is not being selfish he is HAPPY!!!!! I could careless if they do a another show. If they do heck I will try to be there (I have seen them already on June 26, 1977, L.A. Forum), but I have to agree with Rob when he says he would feel like a fool calling themselfs Led Zeppelin and touring with the old songs, I have recently heard Jimmy say the samething. Look at Kiss, The Stones, and the new Journey etc... it really is sad. I think Robert is happy doing what he is doing now and I am happy for him. I have thought l
  12. As Cactus said above but I thought I would add, Robert Plant said this while on the balcony of his hotel room on the Sunset Strip from the Hyatt Regency Hotel ( famously known as 'The Riot House'). Lanni
  13. Read Ross Halfins Diary entry for July 7 that will answer your question. http://www.rosshalfin.co.uk/diary/july-200...y-july-2008.php
  14. Baby Come On Home was writtten by Burt Burns, Page and Plant. This song first showed up on old master reels Marked "Yardbirds, October 10, 1968. The name Led Zeppelin was still under consideration. The Master tape went missing for a long time and it turned up in a trash can outside of Olympic Studios in London in 1991, Crazy huh!!! It was originally called Tribute to Bert Burns who wrote Twist and Shout, Hang On Sloopy, he also did some producing for Van Morrison. Apparently (by what Dave Lewis says) "this was Roberts idea carried over from The Band Of Joy." A quote also by Dave Lewis "
  15. I have to agree with the first part of your post which was exactly what I was going to say. I know most of you have seen this but take a look at this video from Royal Albert Hall '70'. Right at :54 of the video is absolutely amazing. There is no other drummer that can be called a legend! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd4NDf7ciK4...feature=related Lanni
  16. I can't stop.....laughing...to even type a comment
  17. If I may add I read a quote from Jimmy Page where he tells of how he came about the bow and guitar"...David McCallum Sr., father of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. asked Page if he ever tried to bow his guitar as a violin", Page said "I didn't think it would work because the bridge of the guitar isn't arched like the violin or cello. But he insisted I give it a try". Page borrowed his bow to make a few tentative sweeps of his Custom. " What ever squeaks I made sort of intrigued me. I didn't really start developing the technique for quite some time later, but he was the guy who turned me on to the ide
  18. Well it is obvious to me that most of these peple who play stairway are not hard core zep fans. They must not know what the song means. I too would like IMTOD played: song. "Ooh, meet me in the middle of the air If my wings should fail me, Lord please meet me with another pair" Now thats a funeral song, not stairway, IMO! lanni pronounced - Lane-nee
  19. I have to agree here, The Press Reports was a very interesting book. There are tons of interviews in it done by melody maker and others, It was nice to read. I found it refreshing to read truths coming right from the band, then some unauthorized bio crap where you don't know if what the author is writing is fact or fiction. I found mine on ebay. Lanni pronounced - Lane-nee
  20. Cool message, you have such a way with words. Yes this was really a disappointment when they took it off. Do you know an approximate date when it will return(I guess I could call them since I am a subscriber). I love to listen to that channel while crusing in my new chevy Monte Carlo SS. (only a girl from the 70's would drive a monte carlo ss) I loved the old live stuff they used to play. I look froward to it coming back!! Thanks for your inspiring message, Lanni
  21. This really is the only way to listen to Zeppelin, and most classic album rock. I remember buying Physical Graffiti the day it was released, if I can remember right (it was so long ago) for approximately $4.99, in the 70's and I thought that was a lot. I remember I rode my bike with the basket on the front to our local record store to purchase it. Maybe it is time to get the olde pioneer turntable out and the olde' pioneer big box speakers out if storage!! Lanni pronounced-Lane-nee
  22. I Can't Quit you Babe' at Royal Albert Hall is the greatest Page solo ever, it gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it..OMG!! And I just have to add Jimmys hair is beautiful in this video..I know you guys do not want to hear that but I had to add it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5YefPaTJNs Lanni
  23. I really don't post very much but I wanted to add my 2 cents. Everything the remaining members do they always do it with complete class, I am just thankful that Jimmy is not like Gene Simmons, that guy would sell his balls if he could. If this is what they want to do with "THEIR" music then all power to them. It is theirs to "Do what thou wilt" Lanni
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