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  1. Allman Brothers Band, Beacon Theater, March 24, 2007 I felt like I was a taping for a live DVD. They played the most amazing set list 1. Statesboro Blues 2. Revival 3. Leave My Blues at Home 4. Rocking Horse 5. Soulshine 6. The High Cost Of Low Living 7. One Way Out Set II 8. Come On In My Kitchen (feat Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi Allstars/Black Crowes) 9. Dreams 10. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (30 minutes !!!) 11. Mountain Jam > 12. Dazed And Confused > 13. Mountain Jam Encore 14. Whipping Post
  2. modern music im just a 16 year old junkie who would kill to see zeppelin. i think hes being mad selfish. everyone with a brain can see they played amazingly at the O2 yet he does this fuddy duddy tour with the fiddle chick. it just dosnt make sense
  3. something like 20% of all the homes in united states have the abilty to reveive the nfl network. its a real shame because that is something id really enjoy watching
  4. strange sensations she's led zeppelin's yoko ono
  5. If Zeppelin decides to do a tour, would it a full scale 100 venue 50 cites tour or a smaller scale. How much would the tickets be if they chose the larger?
  6. thank you ill deff check them out what type of venue would they play like a beacon type setting or smaller such as iriving plaza or blender theater
  7. o wow ill buy one of their albums tommorow any suggestions?
  8. Like the John Mayer Trio blues or legit blues?
  9. Who else is going to these shows in February? I heard Pete Townshend and Ringo Starr might also be playing in it.
  10. i've heard of them but never really gave them a listen what type of music is it?
  11. Does anyone know where i can get a recording of any of the beatles concets from the 65 or 66 tours without the screaming? i heard some were leaked onto the internet and i would really love to have that
  12. just as i typed it in i noticed it was right above mine none the less theyre and amazing band
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