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  1. Nobody's Fault But mine was like triple-overdubbed and I still like it the best. Achilles Last Stand is very "roberty" and his songs go into a different category of Zep IMO
  2. World tour hitting each countries in proportion with it's size. I've never seen them in my life and it would be the one thing I could say for the rest of my life was the single greatest thing I've ever done....It would be amazing to be able to see them for my own eyes once in my life like the countless oldies that have seen them
  3. Stairway progresses perfectly and the note selection is perfect. I've never heard a song as well-composed as Stairway made in the last, 300 years? Its like a piece of Beethoven or Mozart. Hats Off (To Roy Harper) is terrible, I'm not sure whether Jimmy Page was trying to compose a good feel to the song or having a seizure with his slide
  4. Wedding=Thank You (very common but for a reason) Funeral= In My Time of Dying (kinda obvious) but it would be hilarious to have a wedding song be like goldigger...lol..
  5. Egh, Jimmy Page is a great musician but Jimi Hendrix was a better musician then he was. Eddie Van Halen is definitely top 5 guitarists Musicians=music guitarists=guitar Need to know when to intertwine and seperate those
  6. I haven't looked through the pages but if someone here is really 76+ that's pretty awesome...but my guess is someone just clicked that for fun
  7. You can show him anything you want but most likely he's going to come up with another excuse justifying himself. Human nature is terribly unfortunate.
  8. I kinda see it as layers on an onion (the best onion in the world, mind you)...the old layer is gone and underneath is the new zeppelin, which still contains that older part, just with a new layer on top of it. If you listen to the Page & Plant stuff, they go in a WAY different direction...(or are they just out of good ideas?
  9. Jesus owes me a dime. And Led Zeppelin died with Bonham...its something else now really. The "new' zeppelin i suppose....
  10. By "killing himself" im referring to the fact that if he wasnt such an alcoholic he wouldn't of died, therefore making his death his own doing. The whole band was on so much crap what could you really do, tell Led Zeppelin, the greatest band at the time, to stop? Page could of died but he didn't, and I don't think he would of. He tried very hard to get off it and he did (if you look at an interview he got very angry when the guy said that heroine was associated with him name) but I'm saying that Bonham was such a bad alcoholic (had 4 quadruple vodkas before he died!) he would of gotten himself
  11. I personally think its unbelievably hard to say which is their best in the fact that Led Zeppelin covers a variety of genres and you would really have to choose which one is best for each. If you really want to get technical and say which was their best "performance" not so much their best performance of a song, that's even hard to say as well as music is just noise that you find pleasurable, making all taste individually chosen. I haven't seen all their stuff mind you but I think they played long and well enough that by the time they hit Madison Square Garden their songs and performance were
  12. Not sure if it has been addressed, but cynthia fox is a radio DJ from around where I am in California (95.5 KLOS) and KLOS has been around since 1969 and Im not sure if she was originally there, but they're the only classic rock station and they always keep to the classics. VERY popular since they started. Jim Ladd and her are the main DJs and thats cool to think they met with Robert Plant (but they really met with everyone :-p) ============== doesnt she look (unbelieveably hot!) like the chick from 40 First dates?
  13. There Will Be Blood (if thats even there) Who's sexier, Robert Plant or Jimmy Page?
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