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  1. He is a spectacularly technically talented guitarist,whether or not people like him,he plays everything,he has some beautiful stuff,some crazy stuff,some country,some crap stuff,everything.He REALLY doesn't want to be famous,he wears a bucket to keep a normal life/inspire his writing. (Weird explanation) He just doesn't want fame,he wants animosity.
  2. Play the simpler chords,power chords,being atonal,will do for just about anything.As for solos,slide,don't bend,the average bend is a two fret slide.If you can't keep time,play slow,play it slow repeatedly until you have it NAILED at that speed,then faster.Or you could play with a metronome. (Ideally,do both) Arthritis is a bitch,but it can be overcome - Look at Les Paul,play less elaborate licks. Blindness - Too many musicians to list. Even deafness isn't a problem for some! Good luck practicing,ever need an easy version of a chord just ask.
  3. No problem,Dan,make sure you get some value out of these chords!I just started teaching guitar and I'm tailoring myself to suit students,so any questions about any chords are much appreciated,If you have any problems with fingering or whatever,or want to voice it differently,just ask,I want to improve my teaching abilities,I teach chords first to beginners,but there are some weird chords here that I can show even advanced players. So,if,like Fan_s you want a transposition or something,ask!
  4. Yeah,they're classical strings,originally for classical guitar,non classical tunings don't quite fit.
  5. Right,most people will be anti-Bucket from the off,listen,if you haven't heard his stuff,or don't like him,click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHxejASREcA...feature=related NOW I will happily take your opinion. Anyone else like this dude?
  6. Am right on it.I will have a transposition ready and on this thread ASAP. Awesome!!!Gut strings have a great sound,not a great feel,and not meant for detuning really,not below Drop D anyway.
  7. Guys,all amended,problem solved,When I followed the capital B with a closed bracket I got And it said I was using too many emoticons,here is a FULL list: Alright, this is it! All the frigin' chords in the world!!! __-DEMO-__ [E A D G B E] A or Amaj [0 0 2 2 2 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [0 4 x 2 5 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [5 7 7 6 5 5] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [x 0 2 2 2 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [x 4 7 x x 5] (Db E A) : major triad A #5 or Aaug
  8. I'll post more tomorrow,in the mean time,feel free to augment,correct,revise,whatever.Night.
  9. As a guitarist,I pride myself on my knowledge of freaky chords,here is a short list of some chords I know: __-DEMO-__ [E A D G B E] A or Amaj [0 0 2 2 2 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [0 4 x 2 5 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [5 7 7 6 5 5] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [x 0 2 2 2 0] (Db E A) : major triad A or Amaj [x 4 7 x x 5] (Db E A) : major triad A #5 or Aaug [x 0 3 2 2 1] (Db F A) : augmented triad A #5 or Aaug [x 0 x 2 2 1] (Db F A) : augmented tri
  10. So,we all know the story,Robert Johnson,a poor plantation worker,and a rather shit guitarist,wants nothing more than to be famous,meets a big black dude who tells him he can change all that.Ol' Bob obligingly goes down to the crossroads at midnight and sells his soul in exchange for a bitchin' new magical guitar tuning/set of strings/guitar. (Story differs here) He dies poor.Famous now after being covered. Who else hear likes Robert Johnson's original recordings?I think he was a genius personally... Anyway,similar whisperings have also gone around about the Zep,I don't mean to incite a t
  11. Hello children! Have you not delved deep enough yet into the black cave of despair?Here are a few sad trump cards: Padmassana - Buckethead There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths Lovesong - The Cure Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Leonard Cohen) Chelsea Hotel #2 - Leonard Cohen 9 Crimes - Damien Rice Isolation - Joy Division The River - Bruce Springsteen Tracy - Mogwai Revelate - The Frames Happy ones: Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen Falling Slowly - The Frames Anthem - Leonard Cohen Perfect Day - Lou Reed (Little of both,actually)
  12. Yes,but that's the argument that Schizophrenics make,I say that from experience,and I'm almost certain that the voices are just simply NOT THERE!JMO though,I do agree with the basic point.
  13. I always felt it worked well,high energy,aggressive,rocking,good stuff,it really works as an opening to HOTH,but I don't think it's an ideal opener by any means,R&R,GTBT,Immigrant Song,You Shook Me,We're Gonna Groove,all better openers.
  14. I had a similar thing,solved by my current girlfriend coming into my life.I'm very happy for you.
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