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  1. Yes,but that's the argument that Schizophrenics make,I say that from experience,and I'm almost certain that the voices are just simply NOT THERE!JMO though,I do agree with the basic point.
  2. I had a similar thing,solved by my current girlfriend coming into my life.I'm very happy for you.
  3. I'm back and feeling great. Everything has gotten better,perscription lowered a week ago,I've been told it's going well.Just got internet back,am living in country.A while back a friend saved me from suicide,long,long,story,but I'd always loved this friend,and now we're together. She's unbelievably understanding and caring about my problem,and I love her. Anyway,my modem blew up, (I use a laptop) then the computer charger followed suit,only just got around to fixing that.Hope everyone out there remembers me!
  4. Depression sucks,and I know what you mean about the "it's a weakness" mentallity it's such a stigma,isn't it?my family wouldn't uderstannd,they'd disown me,and there's a little more than paranoia talking,my dad once said "all schizophrenics should be shot because they're a danger to society" i AM considering it though! Thank you all
  5. I am skeptical,but i cannot help but laugh!
  6. yea,it's cool,it sucks feeling alone.
  7. Well,thanks for your concern,i don't think i could though,they're not very open minded,i'll consider it though
  8. They've said they will,It's been about 3 months since I started going to a psychiatrist and i've only been on meds for a month,it's gonna happen soon though,thanks.
  9. They didn't try various ones because they are afraid of what my reaction would be to them,also,crossing schizophrenia medication with anti-depressants could be a bad idea,so they only have me on schizophrenia medication,the dosage got lowered recently They said that in a few more weeks they're considering introducing an anti-depressant.
  10. Hello,i've been away for some time,this is a thread for everyone with a mental illness,I have always been depressed,several times i contemplated suicide and even made one attempt (Saved by a friend) I am now getting professional help,I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and schizophrenia,also apparently i am an ex multiple personality disorder sufferer,which i overcame without medical help which is "A testament to my strength of mind" (Or so my shrink says) and am on the meds,my friends have been supportive,my family doesn't know and i don't plan to tell them because i can function normally anyway,this thread is for people with any mental diseases,or friends/family of anyone with mental illness or learning disability,for support because believe me,i know how tough it is.
  11. No,an entire after noon spent here would not be wasted at all.
  12. The secret to good humour is simple;Nothing is funnier than unnecessary expletives that make everyone in the room feel uncomfortable,except repetitiveness,repetitiveness,repetetiveness... Funny yet?No? Religion: How do you define a saint? Someone who has to live with a martyr. One day,God,Satan and Jimmy Page were getting stoned and jamming together and they all agreed it would be great if they had a guitar battle to decide the ruler of the universe,Satan and God played incredible riffs and solos for days,when it came to Jimmy's turn,God turned and said "Give up now,Jimmy,we have all the ancient licks and solos,if you give up i'll give you enlightenment!"Now Jimmy was a tad stoned so he stepped up,and noticed something on the ground,a violin bow."I wonder what would happen if i fucked around with this thing"...
  13. Thank god for those compliance chips!
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