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  1. I don't think anyone voted for him and expected there to be no discrepancies. What president EVER has no discrepancies between pre- and post-inauguration? Campaigning is campaigning, not running a country. I don't feel betrayed or let down at all.
  2. That's too bad. I miss having whisper talks with you. :( I'm sorry school's so busy, but it's good that you're so devoted to it. Do you have a facebook or something so we can still talk?

  3. Kind of...haha not really. I forgot about this place for quite a while. Then doublenecker commented me and I got an email, which reminded me of here. I looked around and posted once, and haven't done anything since haha. This was like a week ago. School is just so busy, I can't really afford to spend much time on a forum. So I end up just not coming because I know I'd get addicte

  4. Just wondering...are you still around?

  5. I'm a PC gamer. Recently been playing Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect, and World of Goo. If you have L4D for Xbox, I'm sorry. Aiming is way to slow without a mouse, and that hampers the atmosphere a lot for me. It's much faster and more intense on PC. Mass Effect is AMAZING. Except for having to restart my computer once an hour because the game freezes. My PC is capable of running L4D and Fallout 3 on the highest graphic settings, so it's more than up to snuff. The game itself has technical issues. A lot of people can't even play the game. But it's only $20 on Steam, so n
  6. Matt oh matt, where have you gone? For Dwight is upset because you didnt invite him to your dinner party.

  7. Oh I see, you were cheated because Obama more than doubled your candidate's electoral votes. Right. And all of a sudden, because your candidate lost, 'it's not fair!' "MCCAIN LOSES " Get over it.
  8. I think the design is beautiful. I see where you're coming from, but if you can improve...why not? Plus I think it would be kinda weird to be in an exact replica of the twin towers. Sort of like a haunted house deal. Does anyone get what I'm saying?
  9. It seemed to me that he was more struggling to keep control by twisting the facts so Obama had to straighten them out. So those who don't know the issues (or the candidates) might have bought it. But then again you only saw the first 20 minutes.
  10. I go through my metal moods every so often. Not right now, really. But I mostly like hardcore metal, stuff around there. Our Last Night Misery Signals The Fall of Troy Norma Jean Throwdown Scary Kids Scaring Kids Circle Takes The Square John Henry Vs. The Machine Lower Definition Underoath
  11. ......Who are they? I feel that additional research is necessary.
  12. That was on the local news! Some radio show host called them socialist maggots. For expressing their opinions, which happen to differ from his. See what kind of people support McCain? The ones who want to restrict your rights. Wtf? It's actually really annoying, you posting the same thing all the time. Same with that other guy that's always like "PALIN WINS ".
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