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  1. Kind of...haha not really. I forgot about this place for quite a while. Then doublenecker commented me and I got an email, which reminded me of here. I looked around and posted once, and haven't done anything since haha. This was like a week ago. School is just so busy, I can't really afford to spend much time on a forum. So I end up just not coming because I know I'd get addicte

  2. Not that I know of...and even if somebody has already invented the barbecue hot dog, chances are they use a bad bbq sauce. What a disgrace. So either way, we must pursue this idea and create the masterpiece we were meant to create! Redeem the bbq hot dog!

  3. DUUUUUUUUDE, remember me? thedude89, Matt! Barbecue hot dog guy. :D

  4. Hey! Sorry it took me forever to greet you! I don't get on here very often. :P Thanks for the hug, I like it when my bones are all smooshed and whatnot. *returns hug*

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