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  1. Kind of...haha not really. I forgot about this place for quite a while. Then doublenecker commented me and I got an email, which reminded me of here. I looked around and posted once, and haven't done anything since haha. This was like a week ago. School is just so busy, I can't really afford to spend much time on a forum. So I end up just not coming because I know I'd get addicte

  2. ......Who are they? I feel that additional research is necessary.
  3. Again with the Phil Lesh! I wonder how many people remember that anyways... Someday sir, someday. I'm sure I'll make it to California at some point.
  4. When I turn 21, I'm headin' your way!
  5. Yes, I've been playing guitar for...over 3 years now. Started on the bass and picked up the six string a year later. I actually just built my own custom guitar this summer, it's really nice and I'm planning on posting a pic of it in the instrument thread soon. I've grown a little tired of guitar though, haha, and I've been getting into piano-ish music for the past month or two. So, why not learn it? And yes, I think once you know any one instrument, it's easier to pick up another, since you already have musical knowledge and experience, you know. I don't expect it to be too hard. Theory....haha. I've considered taking a course, but it wasn't on my priority list this semester! Thanks for the suggestion, perhaps I'll take it another time. I don't think accents are a problem at all. In fact I quite admire them, and I know a lot of other people do too. It's important to keep in touch with your roots! Maybe it's a part of who you are, or something, haha.
  6. Also: I'm taking a piano class this fall, and am very open to getting into playing keyboard. But I don't have a working keyboard. I have a friend who is willing to teach me, and I'm going to teach her to play guitar. I occasionally post threads in the other bands section about new amazing artists that I discover. Because I think it's important to keep your ears open, and share the music you love with others. However, people rarely reply, and the threads don't even get many views because nobody recognizes the name in the thread title. It really disappoints me. So you should go HERE.
  7. Ah, a week is certainly bearable. Especially if you'll be off having fun. And I'm sure I'll find some time, haha. I don't really post that much anyways, so it shouldn't be too much of a change.
  8. I'm kind of excited, actually, which is good. A little intimidated at the same time. But I also know what you mean. I still need a job though.
  9. Ah, why's that? More studies? I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever come back. School starts for me soon, and apparently this year is going to be a pretty heavy work load. So. I probably won't be around much either.
  10. You too! (I added another 'really' in that last post, if you didn't catch it ) How've you been? Enjoying summer I hope! I know I am.
  11. Ingaaaa! Nice to see you again. Your hair is beautiful! Really really great pics.
  12. Aw Bustle, you're a cutie! Also, the edge is rather square, whereas strats are much more rounded in that aspect. And I spy a jack on the edge as well, as opposed to a jack on the front of the guitar. Amazing, the details you notice when you have experience.
  13. Glasses don't necessarily make people less attractive. I actually usually think they're quite cute.
  14. I really don't think it's that much of a problem. I know a lot of people have it out for spats or whatever, but come on...it's not like he was like "Cool picture, this is why I'm better " I'll admit, it was more of a comment than a compliment, but since when was there anything wrong with that?
  15. I buy cd's (and vinyl), but only of bands I know I like. Be it through music I've downloaded, checked out on myspace, saw the band live, etc. I don't like burning, it's a pain to organize burned cd's. But if a friend has something I want I'll have them burn it for me, or I'll burn something for them. Stick it on my computer and throw out the disc. I download, but I don't pay for downloads. I download to discover, and once I discover a band I deem worthy of my money, I'll buy some of their material.
  16. Saw Hancock this morning. Good movie. This past week I've been going through my room, getting rid of all my old stuff. I have so much extra room now, and I'm not even finished! I'm going to rearrange everything so I have a big open area so my friends can come over and chilllllll in a space that hopefully won't be too restricting. I'm probably trading my mexi-strat (my first electric ) for an Epiphone LP. Since I'm building another strat, which will, with any luck, kick ass. Also, I need a job.
  17. Welcome! You look very pretty. Lucy, awesome shirt!
  18. From my band's show last night, it went great! Such a good time. First show with my new guitar too. Oooh yeah, I felt freakin' powerful behind that thing! I'm serious. (I'm the blond one on the left.)
  19. I have a thing for girls with Midwestern accents... The U of Minnesota really needs to give me some financial aid info soon, or I'm going to be stuck here another whole year.
  20. Maureen, you are quite the beauty. Eviljane, you are pretty too! Sweet bench. I have lots of family in Akron. By the way, you look A LOT like Kissandra, do you know her? I haven't seen her online in quite a while... Ricky smiles! I like it.
  21. Damn...I'm usually crazy about a nice hourglass shape, but that's almost too much.
  22. *Long, drawn out gasp* I LOVE BROWNIES. I remember that brownie thread on the old forum...the one poll that asked if brownies were cake or cookie. Brownies are neither: they are brownies, and they deserve their own category. Here's a picture, Inga. They are DELICIOUS, trust me. Especially for a chocolate lover like you.
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