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  1. ahh that was awhile ago tho i like the new comments he made
  2. jimmy page has made a interview and has given good signs that maybe guitar hero led zeppelin wont be such a bad idea here is the link . i know he does not make it fully clear on it . but its a big plus . http://www.examiner.com/x-25487-Music-Video-Games-Examiner~y2010m1d23-Jimmy-Page-seems-to-be-coming-around-to-music-video-games
  3. i see what your saying but that might open pages eyes . all im saying is page might see it differently if other band member are doing things
  4. so john paul johns allowed one them crooked vultures song on rock band . this begs the question. if he likes the idea . he as much authority as jimmy does . so i guess we shall have to see. i personally would love to play some zepp in guitar hero .
  5. lol no? you people are missing the picture here . page has the time now to work on it . hes done with it might get loud. I bet hes getting the footage . it seems most of the things are negative here on the forums. Gotta stay positive mates! it will be released . they didnt film it for no reason .
  6. i did not see it in the theaters because it was not at a theater near me . its kinda dumb that they didnt release it to ALL the theaters. I know spinal tap was ! but heres the big question.will page finally work on the o2 footage now that he has all this spare time????
  7. yep i found it right here http://bluray.ign.com/articles/103/1034037p1.html
  8. i was searching for the release date for it might get loud for dvd online and i came across a site that confirmed it. it will be released on blue ray December 22!
  9. i think page is gonna tell them that they are haveing rehearsals again. cause he did say they have a meeting this month . a band one . we gotta see what happends. i mean do u recall a interview in 06 when page said he wanted to start a solo record. maybe he will start promotiing that .
  10. very random about the rock band thing i know . its somthing i wanted to bring up
  11. hes by far the best singer ever. led zepp is gonna be in the game rock band .!!!!!!
  12. same here . i watched the clips from 02 i was wrong hahaah hes got it still .
  13. ok ok ok i get it . but yeah ur wrong ..... he can hit the high notes . the highest ones from 1969 still . ive heard it . a video of him fro the page and plant era . one live clip of sibly he dings so damn high its scary. trust mes can hit the notes .its not soul its how to please the crwed and urself . page plays with soul .. haha
  14. for your life was amazing .. i love the song . its by far the most heavy zepp song . its what they woulda sounded like in the 80's . syth. was also great. cause the last tree times theve played it . it sucked . eaither pages dauble neck was outta tune(1988) or plants voice wasent up to par . ( 1985). and dont even mention that bad version they did in japan in 1994 . plant's voice was shot. page kept it together the best he could . but gezz they didint even play the solo. thankfully at the 02 they brought back the magic !!!!!
  15. i watched the whole concert from the 02 and i came to the conclustion that plant can still hit the high notes like he used to in the 70's . but he rarely shows it. he showed it on kashmir . in the middle part... at the 02. and sibly as well . but thats about it. and a whole lotta love to . but when he played with the strange sensation he never sang high at all. . its weird cause . in some stuff today like in that rising sand cd he sound great but when u hear him live he sounds so different . i guess he picks his momments to sing high . hes only 59 . he can still sing . thats not old
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