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  1. OOOoo yeaaahh =) At last ,but not soon,althou plenty of time to prepare And by the way-we are on the oficial site of LZ,but there are no any mentions about LZ plans
  2. RAH moby dick i fink.There was one moment when i thougt the disk was broken,cause he(John ) was moving so fast ,that it seemed to me it was FAST FORWARD =D.And i dunno why,but there is somthin in Kashmir - Bonzo doesn't do anything supernatural there ,but his style of playin' fits this song so great,that it sounds like masterpiece.
  3. Hmmm=)I WILL bet on it.Cause in 12.10.07 it was the return of led zeppelin,so why they have to go out again.The question is just where and when they will appear again.
  4. Sorry guys if the topic like this exists,but I wonder where can i find out about LZ conserts in future=) I heard they goin' to travel round the world . So maybe they have any plans bout visitin' Russia some time=) And sorry for my english i havent written anything in eng for 4 years and its 4.30 am here=)
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