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  1. So you might know that Radiohead are letting you remix their song, Nude, for this contest thing. http://www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?rated=true&id=402 Go there, and click the + sign to vote for it. EDIT forget it they took it off. Damn Radiohead.
  2. I used to use Ernie Balls, but they kept breaking and they were too expensive to keep buying. so now I use D'Addario 11's.
  3. I'd have to say Achilles Last Stand. Just realised I haven't heard the album in AGES.
  4. In a rough order... Jimmy Page Slash Brian May David Gilmour Pete Townshend Keith Richards Joe Perry Angus Young *EDIT* HAHA I left out Hendrix and Clapton
  5. daveboy

    What is

    Wow I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and I really can't decide. I'd have to pick Kashmir or No Quarter just because they become absolutely magical live. But the feeling I got when I first heard Good Times Bad Times (or any of I) is undescribeable.
  6. As Peep Solero said above, you don't hear anything unless you have the supposed words next to you and are reading it while you listen. It just sounded like a bunch of garbled crap the first time I heard it.
  7. I remember the day my friend handed me Led Zeppelin IV. Changed me forever. I used to like Coldplay and Green Day before then!
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