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  1. anyone know what style of slide jimmy uses? I was watching some footage and i can see that its a smaller one, but cant really make it out.
  2. Fuck this bullshit. if jimmy ever caves to this gay shit i will denounce Zep. DONE
  3. jack white is the most overrated guitarist i have ever come across, he shouldn't be in the same same sentence as jimmy, let alone the same documentary.
  4. lol? they had the best road record in the nba. and oh ya, 3-1, shwaaat!
  5. this coaster looks pretty lame to be honest, the whole zep thing kicks ass, but the ride itself......doesnt look very thrilling.
  6. could u give me a nudge in the right direction? a link maybe?
  7. i need to find some solid accurate info on jimmy and his cultness, anyone know a good place to get this info?
  8. Hope there is no truth to this, Velvet Revolver is god awful. I saw them when they toured with Alice in Chains. Alice was phenomenal, but VR just brought the energy Alice created to zero when they went on. So please nooo.
  9. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath Not their best....
  10. finally, i have been waiting for this. cant wait to read it.
  11. Black fender fat strat, black pickguard. Boss DD-6 Delay, Digitech rp-250 , hooked up to a peavey pa system, my amazing polytone died... pretty nice sound though. Just starting my collection.
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