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  1. If you are ever visiting Seattle, aside from all the R&R trivia you can encounter at the Edgewater don't forget to hang out for their killer happy hour. Watch the sun go down into the Sound and check out pics of your fave band. If you do, drop me a line and I will try to join you.
  2. Greetings, Got tix for the film here in Seattle at the Cinerama! Can't wait! Tralf
  3. This was the result of a random web surf this afternoon. Not really sure what to think. Maybe one of them should have been sporting a broken wing? regards- Tralf
  4. Great! Loved it that is one of my fave Zepp songs of all! -Tralf
  5. Not a total fave but still like it after all these years. The keyboard riff, the killer drum beat... the memory of smoky afternoons in the park, references to J.R.R. What's not to like? <grin> -Tralf
  6. You guys sound great! Nice! Rock it!
  7. Greetings, One thing I have noticed about Page's playing is how he strums "up" often times. Starting at the high e string and strumming up to the low E string. For me that sound is very characteristic of his style. But I agree with the other remarks that mention his unique chord rhythms, and of course his Les Paul and the wah. FWIW Happy Saturday- Tralf
  8. Greetings, I think that it would be a total lift. Just imagine what they might be able to put out. Think of a tune in memory of John Bonham played by his own son among other things. It might be something that could really inspire people and if they were to use the proceeds to support whatever charities they would choose, it could really be a positive thing. Not to mention breathing life back into music form that could use it. It would be a total groove. IMO of course... regards- Tralf
  9. Greetings all, Evster, thanks for this post. You state just about everything I was trying to get my head around in order to respond. 1977 was just a few years before Ronnie and maybe 2 years after the Sex Pistols broke in the US. The late 70's were a truly weird time, albeit not as strange as these days. Things had changed greatly. Rock and Roll would never be the same. It had become a Behemoth, and many great talents were consumed. It was all about to be packaged and neutered. I feel so glad that JP was not another casualty , especially now after 02. All in all we are lucky that JP was still here to play in such good form just over a month ago. Something I never imagined would happen. Regards-Tralf
  10. Yeah What a great film! Totally classic, thanks for reminding me of that one.I wonder if Netflix has it.. I had forgotten that I saw this back several years ago. Great Flick! Tralf
  11. tralf

    Four Sticks

    Greetings, Back on the forum again, it has been a while. Four Sticks has been one of my favorite Zeppelin songs ever since I was in 6th grade home sick listening to IV over and over again. A great riff, with as spooky and psychedelic tone as any song ever was. I have never understood why it is panned in many of the books that look at the music of the group. I am glad to see that there are others out there who like as well. Cheers- Tralf
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