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  1. I just (finally!) ordered and received the 2cd/blu ray DVD video/rehearsal DVD set. I put the blu ray video DVD in my player last night as I wanted to watch the show first. I was using my Sennheiser headphones to listen to the video (on the 2.0 stereo setting) as my kids were in bed, and I noticed from the very beginning that there is a slight crackling/static sound in the audio and it was present throughout the show. It was very annoying and I was wondering if anyone else who has listened to the blu ray video audio through headphones has noticed this? I was very put off by this. Thanks.
  2. Live in Osaka '71 - I think only 250 of this set was pressed.
  3. Old lad, Freezer is dead - he died last year.
  4. There's a ton of people at the Steve Hoffman forum complaining about severe warping issues on this album set - they seem to come from one particular pressing plant. Has anybody here received any warped vinyl on this set yet?
  5. Speaking of "bootlegs", I see that there is a new 18 cd boxed set (weighs 2 lbs!) released called "Studio Magik" on the Godfather label, which contains studio outtakes from '68 to '80. $290.00 at Shiyoda, plus $28.00 for shipping!
  6. I agree, I can only watch concert footage (after the first viewing) for only short lengths at a time before getting bored, but give me a nice soundboard or nice audience recorded audio and I can listen all day!
  7. Yeah, that 43 minutes of Pontiac '75 footage (starts at Pinball Wizard) has circulated for years among Who fans. I just wonder if the Led Zep footage would be similar - which is mainly close-up shots of the band members and no wide angle shots or crowd shots.
  8. I know for a fact that a SHOWCO employee recorded several Who concerts when they did The Who's house mix for their U.S. '75/'76 tour. So there is probably a good chance that the '75 Led Zep soundboards are coming from ex-SHOWCO employees too (and they most likely recorded shows from '77 as well).
  9. This is the one I play the most, no doubt about it! I can deal with an average performance to hear this fantastic quality (and I assume untampered with) multitrack recording.
  10. I don 't have a whole lot of Zep stuff, but a friend gave me a 3 lp picture disc bootleg set of Osaka 9/29/71 (RSR 209 AB CD & RSR 243 ST) that is very cool looking and I think I read that only 250 sets of these were pressed. My friend gave them to me because he no longer had a turntable and I did! He also threw in 4 other Zep boot lp sets - I was quite pleased!
  11. The exact same thing happened with The Who's 1970 IOW Festival performance. It was considered the holy grail to have for many years before it was finally released, then everyone got to see and hear that it was a rather sloppy performance by Who standards after gaining such legendary status through the years.
  12. Rick Medlock was the lead singer/guitarist of the southern rock band called Blackfoot. I know they played at one of the Knebworth festivals in the 80's - maybe Plant was there at that show.
  13. LOL! My jacket for that same bootleg lp looks at least as rough as yours, if not worse! The actual vinyl is still in great shape though and made for a nice transfer to cdr. Like others here, I enjoy it more than the soundboard recording of that show.
  14. Does anyone know how the triple lp picture disc set (RSR label) of this show sounds?
  15. I just heard from a friend that has informed me that Art Parr aka "Freezer" has died - he didn't have any other details. Of course Freezer recorded at least 3 Led Zeppelin shows ('73, '75, & '77) from Baton Rouge and I believe the '77 show is still uncirculated. He was a legendary audience taper (as well as a controversial forum poster!). Cheers Mr. Freezer.
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