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  1. Yeah, that 43 minutes of Pontiac '75 footage (starts at Pinball Wizard) has circulated for years among Who fans. I just wonder if the Led Zep footage would be similar - which is mainly close-up shots of the band members and no wide angle shots or crowd shots.
  2. I know for a fact that a SHOWCO employee recorded several Who concerts when they did The Who's house mix for their U.S. '75/'76 tour. So there is probably a good chance that the '75 Led Zep soundboards are coming from ex-SHOWCO employees too (and they most likely recorded shows from '77 as well).
  3. This is the one I play the most, no doubt about it! I can deal with an average performance to hear this fantastic quality (and I assume untampered with) multitrack recording.
  4. Rick Medlock was the lead singer/guitarist of the southern rock band called Blackfoot. I know they played at one of the Knebworth festivals in the 80's - maybe Plant was there at that show.
  5. Because the sound quality is so good (multitrack, no less), the best LZ bootleg to me is South Hampton '73 (plus it has a great medley during Whole Lotta Love). Flying Circus would not be far behind, though.
  6. As well as the obvious official releases and circulating pro-shot bootlegs, I also have a neat 8mm/16mm live compilation DVDR synched with bootleg audio that is pretty unique (put together by a friend of mine known as "lpzep").
  7. Now watching Earl's Court - May 24th - soundboard audio synched in by my friend, "lpzep" - fantastic!
  8. Baton Rouge '75 - Freezer's recording (with whistles!).
  9. Blueberry Hill bootleg - love the medley and rendition of "Blueberry Hill". Also been enjoying South Hampton '73 and Texas Pop '69 today.
  10. For what it's worth, The Who's Houston Summit '75 video was found sitting in a box in one of the offices at the Summit - the Summit had been flooded and a cleaning crew was in there working and found the box and gave it to someone who thankfully got into the hands of a Who collector (and thankfully he sold the tape for only $5,000.00.).
  11. I agree 100 percent, Nutrocker. I haven't heard a bad "Freezer" recording yet. His '75 Zep & Who recordings are right up there with the best of them, as far as audience recorded shows go (and I don't mean the Who recording that was offered at LLR either, I'm talking about a low gen. one).
  12. I have two recordings that he did of The Who too: 11-21-75 Baton Rouge (Very similar in sound quality to his Led Zep '75 Baton Rouge recording). 7-7-80 Baton Rouge (again, another very good sounding recording).
  13. Nevermind, I just found out his real name at TTD.
  14. I'm just trying to put two and two together concerning a particular recording that he may have been the taper of.
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