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  1. I'm biding my time until the Dark Knight. It will be the biggest movie this summer.
  2. Clapton also had another auction in 2004 where blackie, the red 335, and Stevie Ray Vaughan's Lenny guitar were sold. Blackie became the the most expensive electric guitar ever, pulling in like 900,000 by Guitar Center. Lenny was bought for like 600,000.
  3. I'm sure between him and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, they have quite a few. Billy's known to have a huge collection, many of them very exotic.
  4. I like the fact that Black Stone Cherry is very Southern sounding while being hard rock. Definitely a cool mixture. And I'm not into the "heavier" stuff, but they're really good.
  5. No. They have two albums out that are very good. The show I saw them at they played mostly new songs from their recent album Colorblind, including their semi-hit Ain't Nothing Wrong With That. Now, they've been known to pull out Billie Jean and some really cool covers, but they've built up enough material that they're not a cover band. As a matter of fact, here's their discography. Definitely worth checking out: 2002 - Live At The Wetlands http://www.amazon.com/Live-Wetlands-Robert...1662&sr=8-3 1 Ted's Jam 2 The March 3 Pressing My Way 4 Shake Your Hips 5 I Don't Know What You Come To Do 6 Tears Of Joy 2003 - Unclassified http://www.amazon.com/Unclassified-Robert-...pd_bxgy_m_img_b 1 Going In The Right Direction 2 I Need More Love 3 Nobody 4 Soul Refreshing 5 Squeeze 6 Smile 7 Good Times (3 Stroke) 8 Why Should I Feel Lonely 9 Calypso 10 Problems 11 Run For Your Life 2006 - Colorblind http://www.amazon.com/Colorblind-Robert-Ra...=pd_sim_m_img_1 1 Ain't Nothing Wrong With That 2 Deliver Me 3 Diane 4 Angels 5 Jesus Is Just Alright (f/ Eric Clapton) 6 Stronger (f/ Leela James) 7 Thrill Of It 8 Blessed 9 Love Is The Only Way (f/ Dave Matthews) 10 Thankful N' Thoughtful 11 Homecoming
  6. I guess I'll put some videos up for the other bands besides Foo Fighters: Black Stone Cherry - Lonely Train http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYa0jPzTLJc Robert Randolph & The Family Band - I Need More Love Live On Letterman Los Lonely Boys - Roses
  7. Black Stone Cherry Robert Randolph & The Family Band Los Lonely Boys Foo Fighters
  8. That's still no reason to hate on Allison Krauss. She's an innocent bystander in this. But what the hell do I know.
  9. Allison Krauss is one of the most respected artists in country and bluegrass music. She has an amazing voice and is a great violin player. Her band is a top-notch band, one of the best in the business. In fact, it was her guitar player, Dan Tyminski, who did the famous version of Man Of Constant Sorrow off of the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Her band also has Jerry Douglas, the famous dobro player, in it as well. She is no slouch in the music world. I very seriously doubt that her and Plant are "doing it." They're both great musicians working together. To imply that is the only reason they're doing is to discredit both of their artistic integrities.
  10. Like any style of music that becomes popular, you're going to have those that try to take advantage of it. Rap certainly falls in that. Do I think everybody who does rap is trying to be commercial. Heck no. There are a lot of guys out there that are doing some pretty radical things with the genre. But that don't sell records. I like bands like the North Mississippi All Stars aren't afraid to try and use elements of it in their music, and when used right, it really brings out a level of blues that is actually quite intriguing. Do I actually like hip hop and rap? Not really. But some of its elements can be used. I love Gnarls Barkley, because they're doing something pretty unique with the rnb/hip hop genre. They ain't talking about bitches and ho's. And they come up with some pretty cool songs with a lot of soulful singing that almost goes back to old school 70s funk. The point is, any genre of music can be taken and bludgeoned to death. Look what Zeppelin started, yeah that ended well didn't it. By the 90s everybody was glad hair metal died. You say Zeppelin had nothing to do with it, well big freakin' blonde haired singers playing lightning fast riffs and solos. Yeah, they did, although I think that wasn't their intention. Just doing what they do.
  11. You're quoting Rolling Stone? That's not the best way to make your case. Most music lovers I know hate Rolling Stone and don't even consider them a viable source of anything. Heck, they slagged on Zeppelin early on didn't they???? Then only after it was obvious that they were wrong did they hop on the bandwagon. Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest guitarists of all-time. You can't just say he drools. All of this quoting record sales and rankings is quite stupid. Think about it. If that were the case, the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears would be considered the greatest artists of all-time, if we're talking record sales....does that make sense?
  12. In tribute to the Jimmy vs. Eddie thread, I have pulled out Van Halen I. And it kicks ass.
  13. And one more thing: this thread has gotten me to revisit Van Halen, and man do they kick ass.
  14. Hendrix was thought of unkindly for a while as well. Why? Overkill. You never know, that style might come back. And yes, Derek Trucks is amazing. Songlines is one of the best albums released in a long time.
  15. Both have sold a lot of records, both have had a lot of classic songs, and a lot of people still worship at the altar of both guitarists. Both are great. Again, it's just whichever you prefer. Me, I prefer Zeppelin over Van Halen, just do, can't explain it. But does that mean I don't spin some Van Halen stuff often? Far from it. Love those guys. Great music is great music.
  16. I think that's more because of what Zeppelin set out to accomplish and what Van Halen set out to accomplish. Van Halen is a party band, plain and simple, same with ZZ Top, one of my other absolutely all-time favorite bands. Zeppelin was always more serious when it came to music. So, if we're talking about "touching people" if you're saying, "HEY! LET'S HAVE A GOOD TIME!" that's going to not be considered as "touching" as being more serious.
  17. Don't blame the blues dude. Without the blues, rock is nothing. Everytime Page bends a note I suggest you thank B.b. King and T-Bone Walker.
  18. What's up with these "vs" threads? Hendrix, Page, Van Halen are all incredible in their own right. When you get as good as these guys were/are, it's just a matter of opinion, and that's it.
  19. Oh, I know. I'm just saying that was a unique way. B.B. King's blues are the same as Stevie's blues, but completely different at the same time.
  20. Not like they do. There's just something different about those guys from way back when. I don't want to say it's more "authentic," but there is something there in my ears that I don't hear when I listen to other people try and do it.
  21. I don't think there is a best. It's what you prefer. Like me, when it comes down to it, if you asked me, I'd say Stevie Ray Vaughan was my favorite guitarist. Nothing against Jimmy Page, he's amazing, and one of the reasons I play the guitar. I listen to Zeppelin's music constantly, often awe-inspired at how good Page is. But there's something about when Stevie just launches into a solo, the way he tears into it, that just sends chills up my spine. I know A LOT of people will disagree, but that's how I feel. If I ever say "the best" it's just my favorite. Doesn't mean I think they're better, I just like their playing more. A lot of people don't like Clapton, but I think he hung the moon. You get what I'm saying? It's all about your opinion, because there is no way to measure scientifically the greatness of a musician. So, what I'm trying to get at, is that all of this crap about "THIS GUY SUCKS CUZ HE AIN'T AS GOOD AS PAGE!" is really the most retarded bullshit I've ever seen. I've said it once, I'll say it again: if in order for a band or musician to look good you have to tear down another artist and say that artist sucks, then that makes the band or musician you're supposedly "defending" look worse. Their brilliance should stand on its own without that crap. So, if you're trying to defend Jimmy Page by saying that guitarist XYZ sucks, then you're actually making Jimmy Page look worse. And honestly, if you can't look at the intro to Hendrix's Little Wing or Clapton's riff on Layla or SRV tearing into a song like Pride And Joy and can't see beauty, then you're blind in your love of Zeppelin. And this is coming from a very loving Led Zeppelin fan who just wants them to TOUR! By the way, this was meant for those that just trash other artists, not those that come up with good discussion.
  22. I count myself as very lucky to be able to have seen B.B. King (twice), Hubert Sumlin, and Buddy Guy. The stuff they're doing just isn't done anymore.
  23. I heard they're playing in my backyard next week, with a newly revived Jimi Hendrix on public saxophone.
  24. I'll just go ahead and post this link. It's on Joe's website and features a ton of cool videos of him playing and whatnot. http://www.jbonamassa.com/jbtv/
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