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  1. The following Bands are among my favorite metal Bands they're listed in random order Slipknot Korn FearFactory Pantera King Diamond Mercyful Fate Megadeth Rammstein Ministry Kyuss Morbid Angel Tool Flotsam and Jetsam Carcass Death Prong White Zombie Slayer ( old ) Sepultura ( old ) Metallica ( old ) Type O' Negative ( old )
  2. This is another nearly impossible one to answer since there is so many but the following 3 were among my favorites in the 70's and I still love 'em Black Sabbath - 1st Uriah Heep - Very 'eavy Very 'umble Alice Cooper - Love it to Death
  3. The last 5 gigs I've been to ............... Ozzy / Korn Riders On The Storm 2007 ( The Doors ) Alice in Chains / Stone Sour Korn Fear Factory SlipKnot Mastodon Slayer / Slipknot Since I've began to go to concerts at age 13 I've been writing down the gigs I've gone to and up till now I've been to 383 gigs - as You can guess I LOVE live music
  4. Like many of you have said it's not easy to pick 3, but if I have to it would be The Doors The Doors - 1st Led Zeppelin I Jimi Hendrix - Are you experienced and by a coincident it's exactly the same as " Stonefreelee " wrote
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    I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark
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