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  1. im sorry i cant put one... achillies last stand ten years gone
  2. is it okay if i come over to your house and kill you?
  3. the only not lz song that would even compete for a top ten spot is foxey lady by jimi hendrix
  4. hats off black country woman boggie with stu four sticks caroselambra TSRTS hats off SUCKS bigtime i really wish they wouldnt have even put it on a dang album. That song hey hey what can i do got pushed off the album. WHY!?!?!?!? and they kept THIS!?!??!?
  5. ditto that and the rover and ten years gone
  6. ten years gone and Achillies (especially Knebow live 79)
  7. lol im like the youngest ive seen 13 on the 27 of this month
  8. i like the achillies last stand from the Knebow on the new dvd
  9. 1. Communication Breakdown 2. The Rover (never been played live) 3. Immigrant Song 4. Ramble on 5. Heartbreaker 6. Over the Hills and far away 7. Black dog 8. Kashmir 9. Stairway 10. Achillies last stand 11. Whole lotta love 12. Immigrant song 13. In my Time of Dying 14. Ten years Gone 15. The Rain Song 16. Sick again 17. Bring it on Home encore- 1. the ocean 2. Rock and roll I think they might would do this
  10. mine is the fourth, its got stairway, black dog, and all of the other songs are great too phisical graffiti is a close second
  11. Stairway. it is not overated
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