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  1. @Zep Head - Thanks for sharing that article. Is it me or did the writer care more about using his thesaurus than actually letting us know whether or not he liked the album?
  2. "Bassist-organist John Bonham and drummer John Paul Jones are thoroughly professional musicians, though not in Cream's class." - John Swanda - Baylor Lariat, May 3, 1969 LMAO!!!
  3. Studio: Hearbreaker..AFTER the band comes back in. As great as the "solo" is I always thought what he did after that was better. Live: No Quarter from the original TSRTS soundtrack. The editing on the re-release just doesn't flow right for me.
  4. I had the chills reading this review. I cannot wait to see this movie. Knowing that today is an anniversary that every Led Zeppelin fan would like to forget, I couldn't help but lament on what could have been. RIP Bonzo!! You are missed!!
  5. Well all I can say is that I am definetely more excited for any announcement from Led Zeppelin than I am for tomorrow's Apple event.
  6. Dream Theater does a great version Achilles Last Stand.
  7. I was 10 when I first heard, "Hey hey momma, said the way you move. Gonna make you sweat. Gonna make you groove." That was 1976. I've been hooked ever since.
  8. Wait...what? Kashmir? Really? Personally, the only one I can think of that I will skip over (with my ipod on shuffle) is Hats off to Roy Harper.
  9. I can't narrow it down to 5 songs, but I can give you one from each album: Communication Breakdown What is and What Should Never Be Out on The Tiles (personally I LOVE this song) but Since I've Been Loving You is one you can't go wrong with. Stairway to Heaven The Ocean No Quarter (from the original TSRTS not the re-issue) Kashmir Achilles Last Stand Fool in the Rain Bonzo's Montreux Dazed and Confused (from HTWWW) This list (IMO) shows the versatility of Zeppeln from just about every angle.
  10. 1 - Achilles Last Stand 2- Kasmir 3 - Fool in the Rain 4 - That's the Way 5 - Black Dog
  11. My 7 year old daughter LOVED it and asked me to download it the next day. I played Zep's version back to back for her and she liked Elise's better. I still have some work to do, but as long as she's listening to Zeppelin songs over, well, just about anyone else these days, I'm happy!
  12. I voted for Achilles, but I have a soft spot for Ten Years Gone and Fool in the Rain.
  13. I've been a fan of LZ since I was twelve. I've listened to every song..every album..every note..and I can't for the life of me grasp the reason why this thread even exists. Who the f*** cares about "studio" mistakes? Love the music. It's timeless. It's genius. It's Led Zeppelin!!!
  14. John Entwistle Geddy Lee Chris Squire Greg Lake (very underrated) JPJ John Entwistle I listed Entwistle twice, because as a R&R bass player, there was nobody better.
  15. LZ IV was my first album purchase with money from my paper route. I remember my sister accussing me of stealing her copy (which I had done on a regular basis) again. I still have that copy. Bought it in the summer of '78 when I was twelve years old.
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