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  1. @Zep Head - Thanks for sharing that article. Is it me or did the writer care more about using his thesaurus than actually letting us know whether or not he liked the album?
  2. "Bassist-organist John Bonham and drummer John Paul Jones are thoroughly professional musicians, though not in Cream's class." - John Swanda - Baylor Lariat, May 3, 1969 LMAO!!!
  3. Wait...what? Kashmir? Really? Personally, the only one I can think of that I will skip over (with my ipod on shuffle) is Hats off to Roy Harper.
  4. No Quarter from the original TSRTS soundtrack. LOVE this version!!
  5. It was Summer 1978 (I was 12). I "borrowed" my sister's LZ4 record and never wanted to return it. Funny thing was that Stairway was NOT my favorite song on the album. It was "When the Levee Breaks". I would listen to that song 10-20 times in a row memorizing Bonham's drum track (I was an excellent "air" drummer...still am). When I won a $75 gift certificate to a record store about a month later I went straight there and bought all their albums at once. I listened to them in order over the course of the next two days and I've never looked back. Then "In Through the Out Door" came out. I loved the direction they were taking. Ever since "Fool in the Rain" has been my favorite LZ song.
  6. I just purchased Emerson, Lake & Palmer Live at Nassau Colliseum. Awesome set!
  7. ELP is my 2nd favorite band behind Zeppelin. I've seen them several times. The last time was at Radio City Music Hall back in '94 (Black Moon tour). They put on one of the best live shows. Carl Palmer is, by far, the best drummer on the planet (IMO). Greg Lake is an excellent singer/guitarist/bassist. Keith Emerson is dynamic. The guy knows how to put on a show. I've also seen each member with different bands. I saw Greg Lake's solo tour back in 1982 with Gary Moore on guitar. That show was at the Palladium in NYC. I Carl Palmer with Asia several times during their heyday in the early 80's. One of the best shows I saw was in a little club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was the band "3" with Keith, Carl and Robert Berry. Excellent show. The small venue made it that much better.
  8. My three favorite bands, in order, have always been... 1 - Led Zeppelin 2 - Emerson, Lake and Palmer 3 - Yes Relayer is my favorite studio album. I've listened to Gates of Delirium so many times I have the timing of every note memorized!! I've seen Yes several times, starting with the Drama tour..then the Trevor Rabin years and once again on the Reunion tour (in the round at Madison Square Garden..Great show)
  9. Beck (Not Jeff..LOL) Human League Duran Duran
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