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  1. Lathered up I have this urge to sing shower karaoke Ode To Billy Joe Me, I spend a lot of time just picking flowers up on Choctaw Ridge And throw them in the muddy waters off the Tallahatchie Bridge
  2. Yeah but my keyboard almost shorted out! I would have never thought of quoting and then altering the post! Sheer genius!
  3. You have out done yourself this time! I spewed my beer all over my moniter. It literally came out of my nose!
  4. Laugh(ter)In The Rain-Thats the Neil Suckdicka Rejection.
  5. Thanks! Back from the land of Misfit Toys! You can`t ban me. The Greek Council can`t ban me. I have escaped Elba and only Waterloo can return me to eternal exile on St. Helena! Napoleon Bona-apart redux.
  6. Seven Mary Three-I loathe Cumbersome. Burdensome Jefferson Starship-We Built This City is a sonic assult on my senses. Earspank. Yoko Ono- A banshee that should hari-kari. Hog calling "Woo pig sooie!" Weezer-Hashpipe rhymns with asswipe. Twisted Sister-I Wanna Rock bounced off my drag-queen head. John Mayer- I`ll pretend I am sensitive because Your Body Is Wonderful. Linda McCartney- Was her keyboard really plugged in during the Wings venues? Wilson Phillips-Release Me Oh Lord from the desire of material gain and the sin of cashing in on my parents fame.
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