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  1. The Hadji Mart sold me beer before noon. Innie or Outtie belly button
  2. Lathered up I have this urge to sing shower karaoke Ode To Billy Joe Me, I spend a lot of time just picking flowers up on Choctaw Ridge And throw them in the muddy waters off the Tallahatchie Bridge
  3. No I live in Texas. I wish to retire to Gettysburg on day. Frequent Flyer has its advantages. I remember the moon landing as well. The summer of `69 was sweltering hot. Especially down South. The family sat in front of the television for hours waiting for those grainy B&W glimpses of Neil and Buzz. No air conditioning. The world held its collective breath in awe that summer.
  4. I have butt-ugly brown eyes but many of the blue/green eyed males my age are bald or grey. I will keep my big brown eyes as long as my long black hair stays that way.
  5. LGM are techies from another dimension. I bet they use mental telepathy to "hear" music. I can imagine they have senses we only dream of. To smell or hear color. MP3 or WAV, it doesn`t matter NASA. Yes NASA no NASA. Don`t beat me NASA
  6. The Battle Of Gettysburg. I have been to Gettysburg seven times now. Still haven`t taken in all of the park. Living through The Cuban Missile Crisis as a first grader. Duck and cover. The school sent a letter home asking what the school should do with the kids when the bomb fell. My grandmother cried.
  7. I have two blown Marshall JCM 200 TSL Heads. They are under parts warranty but not labor. The last head set me back 1200 bucks and blew within a year. I was quite disappointed in the quality but love the "Crunch" Channel. Have reverted back to a Mesa Stilleto tubed with EL-34`s.
  8. Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop Just then a policeman stepped up to me and asked us, said, Please, hey, would we care . I heard Just then a purple leash man stopped-up two Steves and asked us Fred please play whoppie cat
  9. Doctor Deisel: That was my avatar for years! Joel: The teen Peebles is hot but that wacked BF of hers with the shillelagh is enough for me to say Gimme Three Steps. My first pubesent fantasy was being the meat in a Veronica and Betty sandwich. A `toon menage a trois. Weird huh? Everytime I hear The Chanukah Song. For last Chanukah So much fun-ica I really really wanna-ica Bone my girl Veronica We smoked marijuana-ica Then drank Gin and Tonic-a She jerked-off my yarmucle And wailed on my bone-ica Like a harmonica.
  10. You bet! Polly is no Judy Jetson nor Betty Rubble but I would be her "bitch" any day. I would squawk like a pink monkey bird! If she bent over in front of me and grabbed her ankles you bet I would "crack her". My first loves were `toon babes. I was a bit confused as a child but years of therapy have made me into a well-rounded adult comfortable in my sexuality. They are only drawings!
  11. Didn`t we have this coversation on the old BB? I am the original Saturday Morning Toon-gansta. A few forgotten ones. Remember The Double Deckers? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fflhbo79fo The Beatles Cartoons? This was my favorite circa 1968. Paperback Writer Look up your favorite `Toon HERE Thank you Sweet Polly Purebred.
  12. Easy. Just open the reply window and look above to the button with the face. The smiles are there. Click on show all and it will.
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