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  1. I mean this is stunning. The juxtaposition of their ages is remarkable...she seems almost as accomplished as him and is certainly getting all due respect from him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIFFRHBCPzA...player_embedded
  2. As an aside have you ever looked at Beck's basssist who is so amazing and yet looks all of 15....
  3. ..and I can guarantee that the incident in question would have fostered ill will towards the Zeppelin gang in the Deadhead community and likely the band themselves. Bill Graham was a big part of the Dead family (Uncle Bobo was his name). The Dead themselves I'm sure will have forgiven and forgotten the whole thing as you can see with Bob Weir playing one of their songs. The dead and Zeppelin were similar yet so different. the whole ego excess with Zeppelin would never be seen with the Dead. Zeppelin was about smashing you over the head with the Hammer of the Gods while the Grateful Dead was more Tibetan Book of the Dead kind of opening yourself and freeing yourself from your ego to experience first hand the things that wait beyond.
  4. And then something Weirder happened: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-wYqpt97LJM ...yes that's Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead playing Kashmir with a bluegrass band...
  5. In the JPJ announces search for singer thread it is mentioned Anne Wilson as a possible singer. Though it seems unlikely I thought how about a thread about Heart. This link was given: What a great job of singing she does. Check out some of the other videos too. I can't think of another band as successful as Heart who faithfully offered renditions of another bands work in tribute as they have towards Led Zeppelin. I'm suddenly very moved by this as I realize they have done this since the seventies. How unique and touching. I'd love to see them play together (not necessarily as the replacement John Paul Jones mentions) as the Wilson sisters clearly love them and have paid such tribute to them for so long and done such a good job at it.
  6. ...and Robert would like to have his jimmy and not eat it too.....
  7. Surely to god Jimmy can find somebody more appealing than Coverdale to play with. Watching the video posted above just confirms to me how cheezy he is. No wonder Plant doesn't like being compared to him; they're not at all is the same class!
  8. Yes, the Dead were definitely an extension of the On the Road-beat trip. They toured and played more shows than anyone-heck they had a gypsy village following them around (I was one)...it was WILD!! They are at once similar and very different from Zeppelin; Zep were all virtuosos while the Dead excelled at collectively creating stuff that was more humble yet could blow thousands of minds-you had to be a part of it-they didn't knock you out with it like Zep did-Zep were performers while the Dead was just the part of the crowd that was on stage playing music.....it would probably bore a lot of Zep fans-until you 'GOT IT'...... They both believed in the magic that music could bring to people and the fact that it was much more important than being just a commodity. They both experienced amazing success that the critics could not explain.....they're both my favorite bands.....similar yet so dissimilar.......similar in what counts to me though; MAGIC!
  9. I always liked it too. It has a great sound that I like. I think Jimmy just didn't like the groove. Some songs sound good but feel awkward to play...perhaps this was one for him....
  10. I've started "Led Zeppelin" by Ritchie Yorke. It seems quite good and he was one of the only reporters to get close to the boys as he loved them from their first album....which strangely is rare; the press hated them until they couldn't deny that Led Zeppelin was the biggest band in the world.
  11. ...maybe because Coverdale is horrible? God even someone like Axle Rose has more class than him; and that's pretty low.... He's definitely not in the same class as Robert and the time Jimmy spent with Coverdale has to be the most embarrasing of his career. Jimmy has always stated that he hated to be called a heavy metal guitarist so what does he go and hook himself up with some cheesy hair band front man from the eighties and play pure cheese for....?....
  12. ...wow...he played ti on that? I think I want one......oh well...
  13. Could be just for the sound......it may be the only electric twelve string he has (or uses)...?...
  14. He definitely had the six string of his double neck tuned differently to play Rain Song-I don't know how it relates to the studio version but that explains (one reason anyway) why he didn't play it at O2 as he had the six string tuned to play Stairway and The Song Remains the Same...
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