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    Bootleg trading, Hendrix, Gov't Mule, Allmans, Garcia/Dead, the Blues, Mountain Bikes, Pirate Radio, astronomy, being outside, BBQ, beer.

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  1. ALL 12 seasons of Trailer Park Boys, sort of the Freak Brothers of Canada!
  2. The cabinet was made using the old days method of "How much plywood do I have in the garage?" It was upgrade4d when I went to a second amp. Sometimes I bi amp the QLS-1. Looking for a Bryston 10b active crossover, I guess I'll have to upgrade the cabinet! Notice the big 3" casters? It's so easy to move the rack to get at the back of it now! I would love to host a Led Zeppelin BBQ/bootleg party sometime, for sure!
  3. Thanks Walter! They are completely restored 1976 Infinity QLS-1 speakers, 17 drivers per, in rosewood, powered by two 1975 McIntosh MC2200's "strapped" for 400 watts per side, plus a 1500 watt Martin Logan Depth i subwoofer. Careful room treatments and set up have yielded a smooth response from subsonic (~18Hz) to 32kHz. Here's the rack: Oppo CDP-105, 2T hard drive full of FLACs of 70's rock/progressive bootlegs, all controlled by a McIntosh C30 pre amp with a five band EQ and variable loudness so I can make most bootlegs sound "listenable". No more records for me...
  4. Has to be Mike Millard's bootleg of RUSH, Anaheim, Ca, 1981! Check it out!
  5. Cranking Mike Millard's excellent bootleg of Rush in Anaheim, Ca. 1981...
  6. Another star has passed... 😧
  7. Warriors just won their fourth in a row...
  8. From my family to you and yours: Merry Christmas! "Peace on Earth to Men of goodwill..."
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