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    Bootleg trading, Hendrix, Gov't Mule, Allmans, Garcia/Dead, the Blues, Mountain Bikes, Pirate Radio, astronomy, being outside, BBQ, beer.

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  1. Back in the day, we called people who liked Led Zeppelin "people with good taste in music"...
  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/robert-hunter-grateful-dead-dead-889788/?fbclid=IwAR2CB54gsto2s6t5K2oXoYgtc-qgHLi7zvow1NHKV_10FdMhqhjpXo9jCho Hunter lyrics featured an assortment of characters both noble and ignoble and provided wide open interpretations allowing the songs to pertain to what ever you needed them to.
  3. Clear blue sky, 80 degrees, light breeze off the bay, just more perfect San Francisco Bay Area weather...
  4. Teaching is the only job where you steal office supplies from home to take to work!
  5. http://www.slimspresents.com/e/christone-kingfish-ingram-60590814758/ This kid is the real the thing!
  6. King Crimson, Fox theater, Oakland, Ca. Sept. 5 and 6, 2019
  7. The end of this show is really strong!
  8. Ever heard Ray Wylie Hubbard? This is a song for all you working musicians out there!
  9. chef free


  10. A guy walks into a bar and orders three shots. "A triple for you sir? asks the bartender. The guy says "No, I want three shots in three shot glasses, I'll be here for a while." The bartender says "Well why not just call me when you are ready? I'll pour you a fresh one." The guy says "I'm from Ireland and my two brothers and I always had shots on Sunday nights but now I'm here in the States, my older brother is in Melbourne and my younger brother is back in Ireland. We all do this every Sunday night." This goes on for a few months until one Sunday evening when the guy walks in he says "Just two shots for me tonight." The bartender says "I hope both of your brothers are alright." The guy says "Oh, they're fine, I just quit drinking."
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