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    Bootleg trading, Hendrix, Gov't Mule, Allmans, Garcia/Dead, the Blues, Mountain Bikes, Pirate Radio, astronomy, being outside, BBQ, beer.

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  1. Great show! Just finished listening again! My first Zeppelin bootleg in about 1977, still a favorite!
  2. Great (and often neglected) point about the quality of your playback system! A crappy stereo makes everything sound crappy but a really good system can reveal flaws in the original sources.
  3. RIP Mr. Charlie Daniels... https://variety.com/2020/music/news/charlie-daniels-dead-dies-country-1234698989/
  4. Interesting topic! They start out as pretty contemporary, White Album and Cream are both pretty heavy, but then they quickly outstrip the competition...
  5. OK then, how about a live Page and Plant from the '98 tour? Jimmy was playing pretty great at that point. And even fewer people collect Page and Plant bootlegs than Zeppelin boots...
  6. Right on! Well Seasoned! Carefully Aged! Some things get better with age; wine, cheese, while some things (and people) just get old; like fish or pizza...
  7. Not Eddie Haskell, the smart ass, wise-cracking eternal teenager?!?! I feel old...
  8. It's been always Zeppelin, Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead! (And Jimi but he somehow didn't make the list...) I like live recordings and bands that can stretch out their material and improvise as a unit...
  9. Daughter's been doing a lot of Middle Eastern cooking, she made hummus, baba ganoush, lamb meatballs in a pomegranate sauce, and homemade pita bread! Yum!
  10. I'm feeling really sorry for all the bartenders when we all go back to the bars! We've spent three months pouring ourselves quadruples, "I know how this should taste!"...
  11. RIP Mort Drucker... https://comicbook.com/comics/2020/04/09/mort-drucker-mad-magazine-artist-dead-age-91/?fbclid=IwAR0ljOqV5efHX35DJbmLvBj5WwC0XVEaGbkYIM7zNjC9BrlJHfEBzzD1RjM
  12. Clearly, God is a Warriors fan...
  13. Bummer! https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2020/04/06/nurse-says-norton-suspended-her-not-treating-covid-19-patients/2956201001/
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