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  1. There ARE 40,000,000 people in this state, Texas is next with 30 and Florida and New York are tied with 20 each. Seems like we are UNDER represented to me...
  2. Maybe we should hold off for a few months on this whole US Census thing? Jus sayin'...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sab65Y_dIfw&feature=youtu.be
  4. Not Curly Neal! 😭 https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28958864/globetrotters-legend-fred-curly-neal-dies-77?fbclid=IwAR1V7tVZVRT2ZEgHC5nRzGaS-7KUBQ9XgcMtCX5MLZNEN4nEdhvlaMVhzLo
  5. Just down loaded this, looks like fun! Who's heard it? This is the info I got with it: CONTRAST CLAUSE: this is a new, different version than the below matrixes and merges:http:// torrents-details.php?id=647291 BTRR merge of AUD.1 + matrix of AUD.3 & SBDhttp:// torrents-details.php?id=104723 Winston Remaster merge of AUD.1, AUD.3, and matrix of AUD.1 & SBDhttp:// /torrents-details.php?id=607335 merge of AUD.1 + AUD.3 patches to completehttp:/ torrents-details.php?id=606710 Eat A Peach bootleg (merge of AUD sources)http:/ torrents-details.php?id=573978 Lighthouse bootleg version (same as Winston Remaster?)http:// /torrents-details.php?id=469695 Flying Disc "Led Poisoning" bootleg (SBD source)LED ZEPPELIN - 1973-03-16 - Vienna - NEW 4 SOURCE MATRIX (16bit)Led Zeppelin - "Vienna Fireworks: Live in Europe 1973"Recorded Friday evening March 16, 1973 at the Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaSTEREO MATRIX of 4 recordings synchronized & mixed together in varying levels & combinations: AUD sources 1-3 and SBD (where available).SONGS: [2:11:25]01. introduction [0:57]02. Rock and Roll (Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant) [3:48]03. Over the Hills and Far Away (Page, Plant) [6:41]04. Black Dog (Jones, Page, Plant) [6:18]05. Misty Mountain Hop (Jones, Page, Plant) [4:27]06. Since I've Been Loving You (Jones, Page, Plant) [9:09]07. Dancing Days (Page, Plant) [5:53]08. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Jones, Page, Plant) [6:26]09. The Song Remains the Same (Page, Plant) [5:20]10. The Rain Song (Page, Plant) [9:19]--- [* = board tape available / optional disc division @ 58:19]11. Dazed and Confused (Page, Holmes) * [28:30] contains:San Fransisco (Phillips)Mars, the Bringer of War (Holst)12. Stairway to Heaven (Page, Plant) * [10:59]13. Whole Lotta Love (Bonham, Dixon, Jones, Page, Plant) [25:36] contains:Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Wexler, Berns, Burke)Boogie Chillun' (Besman, Hooker) *(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (Leiber, Stoller) *Let's Have a Party (Robinson) *I Can't Quit You Baby (Dixon) *14. Heartbreaker (Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant) * [8:01]Jimmy Page - guitarsJohn Paul Jones - bass, organJohn Bonham - drumsRobert Plant - vocals* * *MATRIX NOTES:The general aim was to provide the whole concert in as consistent and upgraded a listening experience as could be stitched together from the various recordings which are all incomplete. While there are always some downsides to matrixing analog recordings that have been manually synchronized, it is hoped that the benefits, such as the improved stereo dimension, of the results outweigh those deficiencies. Further lesser quality audience sources than those described below also exist but were not used.AUD source #1: The master was reportedly a TDK SA 90 cassette, which matches the 45 + 45 minutes which are extant and captured tracks 2-8 & 12 and parts of 1, 9, 11, 13. Winston Remaster used for the first part (which is unmatrixed on that version). Best of the audience recordings overall, recorded close to the stage towards one side. The guitar is somewhat buried here.AUD source #2: A lower/medium quality cassette recording at a greater distance to the stage, used only to patch missing AUD sections of tracks 1 & 9-11 (and the encore break before 14).AUD source #3: Captured most of the concert except for the introduction and notably two gaps in DAC. The master reported to have been recorded with Sony mics to Uher Report reel-to-reel. Close to the quality of AUD.1 but with a different sound balance (guitar is prominent, vocals somewhat buried) and recorded towards the other side of the stage. Matrixing with AUD.1 thus allows reproducing the occasional stereo panning effects of the house mix (which are not present on the SBD): guitar break in Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, bow solo in DAC, Theremin in WLL.SBD source: Apparently a 60 minute cassette which contains most of tracks 11-14. However, several minutes of 11/DAC & 13/WLL are missing, as the tape was not flipped immediately when the side or reel A ran out. There was probably another cassette on which the first hour of the concert was recorded (or copied), including the beginning of DAC, with the engineer likely missing some two minutes of the song between the cassettes, after the first one stopped and until recording resumed on a fresh tape. The reason why only the second cassette is available (for this and also certain other dates) is perhaps that someone in or with the band wanted a listening copy of just the songs with improvisation. The mix that was recorded is not exactly the same as what was played over the PA, as some of the delay/reverb effects (particularly on the vocals), as well as the panning, heard on the audience recordings are not present.Track by track breakdown:tr.01: AUD.2+1. AUD.2 contains half a minute more of the pre-show compared to AUD.1, none of which is on AUD.3.02-08: AUD.1+3. SBD not available for the first part of the show but AUD.1 & 3 run practically without breaks until the end of BYAS.09: AUD.1/2+3. AUD.1 has breaks during the intro and its side A completely cuts out @ 1:30 into TSRTS; the taper evidently did not flip the tape and resume recording until well into DAC which gap has here been patched with AUD.2.10: AUD.2+3. AUD.1 thus does not exist for The Rain Song; the lower quality tape of AUD.2 used to substitute.11: AUD.2/1+3. AUD.1 continues recording @ 5:00 while AUD.3 cuts out around 6:45 for one minute. Both gaps in DAC have been patched by matrixing with AUD.2, except for the section between roughly 2:50 and 4:00 where that tape itself has a discontinuity.11: SBD & AUD.1+3. SBD cuts in about 15 seconds after AUD.1, i.e., around 5:15 into DAC from which point on it is the main source for the matrix but augmented with AUD.1 & 3 - and some patching from AUD.2 - as far as they are available.12: SBD & AUD.1+3. AUD.3 has short cuts in the introduction; SBD cuts out after STH ends as the tape side ran out.13: AUD.1+3 / SBD & AUD.1+3. Side B of the AUD.1 cassette runs out around 10:15 into WLL but SBD continued recording 4 minutes before that.13-14: SBD & AUD.3. The segment containing the last 13 minutes of WLL and nearly all of Heartbreaker is therefore a matrix of SBD and AUD.3 since AUD.1 was no longer recording. The encore break is largely cut on both sources between the songs: AUD.3 misses about 2:20 of atmosphere while SBD loses only 1:30 and has the first notes of Heartbreaker intact. For the sake of completeness the missing part has again been patched from AUD.2 although the change in sound is noticeable.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Thanks to all the tapers and the persons who made the digital transfers, and Winston Remasters whose version of AUD source 1 has been appropriated. (Indeed the whole of "Danke! Vienna", which matrixes only the parts where both AUD.1 and SBD are available, was useful for reference. Note that in the notes to that title, AUD.3 is called "Aud Source 2" whereas here it is referred to as AUD.3.)Artwork included. A Nite Owl production (NO-2020-12).
  6. In California there are two major associations that advocate for teachers, the much larger and politically moderate California Teacher's Association. About 42% of the CTA are registered Republicans. Many teachers are much more conservative that you are told by the media! There is a second, much smaller and far more radical group called the California Federation of Teachers. The CFT represents districts like Compton, Oakland, Richmond, East Los Angeles, etc. so they are positions of needing more government help. On a national level the equivalent holds true, the National Education Association is much larger and politically moderate compared to the smaller and more radical National Teacher's Federation. I'm not sure you know how teachers vote, you only know what things the association recommends we vote for. Many of us make up our own minds how to vote... 😉 However, teachers know that many conservatives consider public school to be a form of "socialism" since the government owns the schools and pays the teachers, therefore they tend to vote against school funding. They say "We already pay too much for these schools!" But is that even true? How do we know? What can we compare it to? What other business in California serves 7,000,000 people five days a week for six hours? Compare the salary of a CEO at an equivalent size business to the pay of a school superintendent! And if the money is "wasted" then why haven't private schools taken over? They don't have those pesky teacher's unions, they don't even have to hire credentialed teachers, and they pay less! If this were a profitable enterprise, we'd see private schools everywhere. Mostly we see religious organizations like the Catholic Church running these schools because they have the money and a religious purpose. So in the end, teachers are a mixed bag, most English teachers I know are more liberal, while the history/government teachers are more conservative, math and science are split... Edited to add: I do not work in Oakland and I would never work in Oakland due to their stupid anti-discipline policies (Lord, I do get sick of do-gooder Liberals!!!) I work in Fremont. We are much more business oriented with a large immigrant population. Lots of people from India, China, Korea, Russia, etc. Those kids are being raised like our grandparents were; "work hard", "don't call attention to yourself!", "your job is to do well in school.", "do what your teacher says!", "ask for extra work.", etc... They are my hope for saving the American dream since white people seem to have become too spoiled and lazy...
  7. 25 year public school teacher here who has never done that nor do I know anyone who does that. I work really hard ever one of those days for the last 25 years just to hear liberals blame me for the "acheivement gap" (it seems that I'm awhite racist, imagine my surprise!), and conservatives whine about the "Mighty" teacher's union who "just want to protect bad teachers" (God, do I wish there was a "THE" teacher's union, we'd call a nation wide strike for better classroom discipline!) We know very well when we make gross generalizations like these your likelyhood of accuracy is rather low...
  8. New York's hit 7000 confirmed cases! It was 4000 yesterday. I guess they are finally going to close everything... https://fox8.com/news/new-york-state-on-pause-covid-19-cases-hit-over-7k-cuomos-orders-include-working-from-home/
  9. I love the fever part the most! Let's call it Bat Fever!
  10. This thing definitely needs a better name than Covid-19! Wuhan Flu works well, how about Bat Fever? Or plain old Bat Flu? I like it!
  11. Here's a good link: https://ncov2019.live/ I'm in the SF Bay Area and we are supposed to stay away from each other. Bars and restaurants closed (take out only) I went to the liquor store and all the shelves were full! But the grocery store had no toilet paper? America I question your priorities!
  12. Seriously, that would be great! A little BBQ, beer, smoke and Zeppelin...
  13. This is why we can't have nice things. Some people just can not get past their own politics Please refer to forum rules...
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