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  1. Watching Midnight Gospel. Great show, very thoughtful, not for everyone. Episode 8 is epic!
  2. Childhood Hero! Godspeed astronaut...
  3. Good News Everyone! A friend of mine, and Zep fan, is a so called "long hauler". That is, he can't recover from having Covid about three months ago but since he got his second dose of Moderna, he can breathe again! Second time I've heard of this too...
  4. Today is two weeks after my second dose! I'm now more or less "Covid Resistant". I plan on spending the day touching my face and NOT washing my hands.
  5. Me at the secret "grotto" high above the East SF bay, where Agapuis Honcharenko performed mass while hiding out from the Czar... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agapius_Honcharenko
  6. And all the Pinks run to join in on the latest and greatest "social" media trends and Tic Toc "challenges", posting the sad little details of their boring normal lives in a vain attempt to feel something, anything... BUT: "Bob" can help! Send $30 to the sacred PO box! DO IT NOW LOSER! Shun regular employment and stop working! Purchase products sold by the Church, which its leaders say Dobbs founded to gain wealth! Rebel against "law and order". Specifically, the Church condemns security cameras and encourages computer hacking! Rid the world of everyone who did not desc
  7. And they already have your DNA! Why do you think they keep pennies in circulation?!?! I knew constant surveillance/loss of privacy was coming, I just didn't think we would willingly do it to our selves...
  8. I gotta have Peet's (every day since about 1980...) The whole family runs on caffeine!
  9. This! https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210314/Cannabis-compound-inhibits-SARS-CoV-2-replication-in-human-lung-cells.aspx Better to be safe than sorry! Better go take some medicine...
  10. Got my second dose (Moderna), yesterday. 24 hrs later and zero side effects, that's 7/8 vaccines at our house with no reaction. (Wondering about how many of these "reactions" are psychosomatic...) Come on and save us again, Science, so we can go back to ignoring you...
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/03/20/bidens-fall-ranks-among-the-top-air-force-one-gaffes---but-its-not-number-one/?sh=f67c7596be1c Seems like some kind of presidential tradition...
  12. The last of the original Wailing Wailers has passed. RIP Bunny Wailer... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bunny-wailer-obit-1035643/
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