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  1. Sunny and clear today, high of 74F low was 60. Not bad...
  2. Bucks are making it a series!
  3. I'd love to hear this! Link please...
  4. The Hawks are the big surprise of this year's playoffs! I'll be watching Trey and Co next year...
  5. I guess ol "Led Wallet" didn't want to cough up the $ to include it! Huge error to lose this part...
  6. How can this thread only have six pages?
  7. You can walk through the mid Atlantic Ridge in Iceland, it's the only place where it is on dry land...
  8. I get it! My wife is a nurse. They have to care for you no matter how you contracted Covid. They have had had no choice, the rest of you do! Seriously, the level of selfishness and willful ignorance has been shocking. But These events were foretold! Science No Longer Removes the Terror of the Gods. "I mean, all these scientists and doctors say one thing but one of my high school drinking buddies saw some videos on YouTube so..." You better get right with 'Bob"
  9. Warriors beat the Suns?!?!
  10. Warriors beat the Jazz?!?!
  11. Watching Midnight Gospel. Great show, very thoughtful, not for everyone. Episode 8 is epic!
  12. Childhood Hero! Godspeed astronaut...
  13. Good News Everyone! A friend of mine, and Zep fan, is a so called "long hauler". That is, he can't recover from having Covid about three months ago but since he got his second dose of Moderna, he can breathe again! Second time I've heard of this too...
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