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    The Rest in Peace Thread

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    Random Thoughts v.3

    There was a punk band called "Ice Cream Headache"...
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    Random Picutre Thread

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    March 21st 1975 Matrix

    Look what I down loaded! Sounds GREAT too! I can't believe that there are no postings about this Cuztard Pi matrix remaster! (My apologies if there IS a thread about this remaster already going...) Here's what the txt file says: Led Zeppelin - Seattle Center Coliseum 1975-03-21 (SBD/AUD Matrix) Matrix/Remaster using independant SBD & AUD recordings to add life to the original SBD. Note: This is an edited/remastered/SBD-AUD Matrix version using both the original "Led Zeppelin 1975-03-21 Seattle - Deus Ex Machina SB (EVSD)" soundboard recording that was quickly withdrawn from Dime on 2017-08-02 and immediately replaced by a reseed care of jupiter2101 as below; plus an audience recording from Dime in 2008: "LZ1975-03-21 Seattle Mix CD" (no longer listed on Dime). ............................... Contrast Clause #1: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=597827 Led Zeppelin 1975-03-21 Seattle, WA, USA - Deus Ex Machina SB (EVSD) - RESEED -: a reseed of the original SBD used in this matrix Contrast Clause #2: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=597994 Led Zeppelin -- March 21, 1975 -- Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA -- Seamingless Version (fade-outs/-ins removed); which is a reworked version SBD recording with the fade-outs/-ins at the end and start of the discs to seamingless crossfades. Contrast Clause #3: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=598563 Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-21 - Seattle, WA (Deus Ex Machina - EVSD - Audience); which is an independant EVSD audience recording of the same show. Contrast Clause #4: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=588565 Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-21 - Seattle, WA, USA (The Hammer Of The Gods) (LSD) [AUD]; which is an independant LSD audience recording of the same show. ................................... Band: Led Zeppelin Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA Date: Friday 21st March 1975 Original source recording information from Dime torrents: Source 1: SBD: Silvers > Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode) > Flac level 8 (TLH) Source 2: AUD: 2 source mix: Both sources: 2a & 2b, mixed and edited at 24bit / 96000kHz. Finished wav files downsampled to 16 bit / 44100kHz CD quality wav files and SBE corrected > flac 2a: Stan Gutoski's/JEMS master reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > Bill Bratton's 1st gen reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > wav (24/96) 2b: Mike Tate and Mark Gorelick's master cassettes x4 > Bill Bratton's 1st gen reels x2 ( reel 1 @ 3 3/4 ips and reel 2 @ 7 1/2 ips) > wav (24/96) This Matrix/Remaster (Cuztard Pi): Lineage: HD (*.flac from Dime) -> Foobar2000 -> *.wav -> Audition & Wavelab6 -> *.wav (16bit/44.1kHz) -> Foobar2000 (level 8) -> *.flac -> Dime Title: Seattle Center Coliseum (SBD/AUD Matrix)(1975) File size: WAV = 2.16GB; flac = 1.28MB Set List (3h 40min): Intro Rock And Roll Sick Again Over The Hills And Far Away In My Time Of Dying The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song Kashmir *** No Quarter Since I've Been Loving You Trampled Underfoot *** Moby Dick Dazed And Confused *** Stairway To Heaven ~~encore 1~~ Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge Black Dog ~~encore 2~~ Communication Breakdown Heartbreaker flac tags, fingerprints, MD5 & folder art files are included. *** Note - the recording is continuous but if you want to put it on 4xCDRs then you could split it after: Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, Dazed And Confused. ................. Notes: I guess we are all becoming (or are already) well spoiled by the various pieces of rare treasure that pop-up now & again on Dime; The SBD of this show that 1st appeared on Dime on 1st Aug 2017 was such a gift.. but then it was suddenly gone (i.e. withdrawn) just 1 day later! ... & then immediately back again as a "reseed". Wow! So it is free for all to listen to free of charge .. isn't Dime great! And what a great show it is! ... over 3 and a half hours of Zeppelin SBD from 1975 (just 2 months earlier than when I first saw them at Earls Court London; so a very welcome addition to my ever expanding collection). I thought someone might put up a SBD/AUD matrix of this show to try & add a bit of life to the great but just a bit dry SBD, there were several requests for such a matrix .. but so far it has not happened. So ... having put such a matrix together myself using an old AUD recording that I also got from Dime back in 2008, I thought I would post it on Dime for any who fancy it; a nice alternate to the original. Producing SBD/AUD matrix mixes using modern digital recordings is relatively easy .. but doing the same with old (i.e. '70's) analogue recordings (especially with 3+1/2 hours length!) is a bit more difficult .. bottom line, it has taken me well over a week to sync up the SBD & AUD recordings and produce the matrix. ... but it came out very nice & well worth sharing back via Dime .. so here it is. Check out the samples posted in the thread below to hear whether you want to grab this alternative version of this fine show or not. I think it sounds GREAT & I prefer it to the original SBD! For those interested - basic details of the mixing & mastering applied to the original 2 Dime sources (using Wavelab6 & HarBal) are as follows: A: Balance left & right channel volume & frequency response for the SBD source B: Apply balancing EQ to both SBD & AUD sources C: Mix 2 sources with adjustments to the stereo image D: Finalise matrix mix EQ plus apply light compression & limiting (~ -1dB max; -12.4dBrms average) E: Adjust final volume levels to balance out dynamics F: Add silent lead-in & -out plus fade ins & outs G: track split A note for any finicky audiophiles out there: Mixing & remastering of the original sources has been done with the aim of enhancing the listening experience. If you prefer virgin recordings, unspoiled by any such amateur 'dabbling' then do not join in on this one. Be warned now ... I don't want any whingeing! ;-). ... and don't forget that the original SBD is currently still available on Dime; see link above. But for the rest of you Dime'ers I recommend that you GO FOR THIS ONE ... you won't be disappointed! I score the sound quality as 9 out of 10 ( = A- ); but hey! ... don't flame me if you don't agree ... & at least keep it friendly ;-) If you have any comments, whether positive, negative or otherwise, I would love to read them ... don't be a lurker! ..................................................................... SUPPORT THE ARTIST BY BUYING THEIR STUFF! IF YOU LIKE IT SHARE IT!! FREE TRADE ONLY - NOT FOR SALE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A CURSE ON ANYONE SELLING THIS RECORDING!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy - Cuztard Pi - 19th August 2017
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    Random Picutre Thread

  6. chef free

    Trains for Railfans

    I love live steam! My brother belongs to the Timber Heritage Association. They restore and run steam logging locomotives in Northern California.
  7. It's very common to want to knock heroes off their pedestals! I was a Zep fan back-in-the-day and they got nothing but grief from critics and hipsters. Each one of those criticisms you mentioned were leveled at our favorite band, and quite unfairly as you point out. Everyone wanted to be the one who predicted the fall of the Mighty Zeppelin. Yet many years later, the band's legacy stands firm...
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    Random Picutre Thread

  9. chef free

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    Wow! this sounds great to me! But I started listening to boots in the '70's so...
  10. chef free


    I remember the days of Xeroxed fan 'zines with ads in the back for trading "P&B"! First it was tapes of bootleg records, then known generation tapes off a master, next CD's. Now with torrents and sites like Dime it's so easy to have a giant collection. I think torrents DECREASE the value of "for sale" bootlegs since any semi industrious person can get the shows without paying a bootlegger...
  11. chef free

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Why hasn't' someone invented the insulated, suction cup, shower beer caddy?
  12. chef free

    Random Picutre Thread

    WWII Studebaker lend-lease truck body repurposed into a Russian fire suppression rail truck...
  13. chef free

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Ken Nordine. One of the last of the Beat poets, his spoken word jazz poems influenced many including Patti Smith and Tom Waits.
  14. chef free

    What are you watching on TV now?

    As a Junior High School science/sex ed teacher, I'm enjoying both Sex Education and Big Mouth.
  15. chef free

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    The constant abuse of public school teachers! I do a job no one wants and I get nothing by crap for it, liberal Democrats blame us for the low performance of black and brown students because we're all a bunch of middle class white racists and conservative Republicans hate us for being union members and just "wanting to protect bad teachers and pedophiles". It's been 25 years of this stuff and I've had enough!
  16. chef free


    May I recommend Big Chicken double IPA? It's made by HenHouse Brewing Company and it has one of the best aromas I've ever smelled! Watch out though, it goes down way too easy for such a strong beer... https://untappd.com/b/henhouse-brewing-company-big-chicken-2019/3063163
  17. chef free

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Creator of the Cry Baby wah-wah pedal...
  18. chef free

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Samantha Fish is opening for his Cleveland show! She just turned 30 but compared to Buddy that's a whippersnapper!
  19. chef free

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    I have some tickets to see the legendary Buddy Guy this coming April! Just found out that Christone "Kingfish" Ingram will be opening! That kid just turned 19! Man. he's got that tone... Here he is at age 15:
  20. chef free

    To Leave A Tip or Not to Leave a Tip

    People aren't in a great mood when they are hungry...
  21. chef free

    To Leave A Tip or Not to Leave a Tip

    Anyone who brings me a drink gets $1 tip...
  22. chef free

    Random Picutre Thread

  23. chef free

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Acacia trees blooming? CHECK! Almond trees blooming? CHECK! Tulip Magnolias blooming? CHECK! It's Spring in the San Francisco Bay Area! Sunny, clear and 65F outside...
  24. I am so grateful that Robert has had the good sense to never tour with Zeppelin again! It would cheapen the memories...
  25. chef free

    Top 10 bootlegs

    That would be my list...