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  1. Is so looking forward to seeing Boot Led Zeppelin at the Whitely Bay Playhouse this Friday night!

  2. You look great lady, love your necklace...I've got one with Robert's symbol on
  3. Thanks lady, very kind of you to say so. I had that tattoo to cover up a VIIIIIIILLLLE celtic knot i had done when i was young and daft....i'm still daft, just not so young anymore!
  4. My youngest daughter wrote her name properly for the first time at nursery school today, always makes me happy when they come out of school all proud with what they've acheived
  5. Me and Logan on new years' eve, i wasn't very well so it's not a good pic of me, but my boy looks fab
  6. Ohmygod, YES! They're the best, my be all and end all, no band could ever compare to them imho
  7. Thankyou MHD, we were at my friends house and he managed to half-inch Pudsey! When you're as cute as he is, it's easy to get away with these things
  8. ^^ Aww, thankyou very much, i think so too, but then i'm biased hehe x
  9. Hi everyone. 6 months ago when i had my son, i said i'd post some more pics of him, so here's Logan, 6 months on. Would have put his Zep t-shirt on him, but he's such a chunky little monkey it doesn't fit him anymore!
  10. ^^^^ Oh that bottom pic is just lovely..... Here's one of my favourites..... OH MY GOD...... Those eyes
  11. I was trawling through all my photo's and found these two, they're about 2 years old now... The one with the dreadlocks was at a pirates of the caribbean fancy dress party and the other was at one of my husbands gigs.... what a classy bird i am, tongue sticking out and a pint in me hand! How ladylike!!!
  12. Hey there lady, Logan will definately be the coolest baby in our neighbourhood, now you've sent him his very own Zep cd!!!! Hugs right back atcha!! Lynne xx

  13. Who knows where the time goes, Sandy Denny :'( . I always end up in floods of tears listening to it, but it's such a fantastic song, the good kind of outweighs the bad.
  14. Blimey, you look sooooooo much like him! Great pic matey Thanks to all of you for your kind words, will post some more pics of Logan once he's a little bigger..... in his Zep tee of course!
  15. I promised to post a few pictures of the newest member of our family, so everyone, meet Logan James... In the top one are my husband and youngest daughter with the baby, the middle one is my oldest daughter giving her little bro a cuddle, and the bottom one is me and Logan about 20 minutes after he'd been born. I've got a cool little Zep t shirt for him, but he needs to do a little bit of growing before he fits into it!!!
  16. Oh wow, Led Zep lullaby's!!!! That sounds fantastic. pm on it's way
  17. We're both great thanks. I had 2 cd's made with all my fave Zep tracks on, it's quite spooky he chose to arrive just as that particular song was playing Thanks for the message matey.
  18. Thanks to all of you for the good wishes, you're stars A random fact that i just discovered about myself...... the bags under my eyes caused by lack of sleep do not suit me.... hahahahaha
  19. Those peaceful labour vibes worked, thanks for sending them . Logan James was born on 23rd July at 6.06pm weighing 8lbs 1 and a half ounces . He arrived just as Robert's wonderful vocals on "In The Light" began, how about that for a last minute burst of encouragement?! He is absolutely beautiful, but then i am a little bit biased, being his mummy!!!! I'll post some snaps of him in the photo section when i upload them all into my computer
  20. You're more than welcome, you know how much i loooooove those paintings!! Nothing as of yet matey, still impatiently waiting!!!!! I'm great, hope you're good too, let you know when there's some news
  21. Yeah, we've chosen Logan James for him. We picked it out when i was expecting both of the girls, soooooooo pleased that we can finally use the name!!! I'm glad it's not just me who has to do the reading thing, him indoors will be firmly put in his place next time he complains
  22. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes, you'll gather he decided not to put in an appearance on his due date. Not to worry, i'm sure it won't be long now. A random fact about me...... i HAVE to read for at least an hour before i can go to sleep. It drives my husband barmy!!!!!
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