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  1. I think they will do a world tour but at the end of the year and 2009, Robert has the tour with alison krauss, it is his responsability and he has to do it. He never said "NO I WILL NEVER DO A WORLD TOUR WITH LED ZEPPELIN" so i have hope, meanwhile i save some money just in case....
  2. bonza

    Roberts Jeans

    God bless the person who invented denim...*drools*
  3. bonza

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I LOVE JIMMY!! he looks great but....he kinda looks like my dad!!!! (that´s maybe why i don´t have sweet dreams about him )
  4. bonza


    welcome!! Don´t worry i´m new here too and my english is horrible!!
  5. matrix jimmy!!! he looks cool i know i´m stupid... i have hope for a world tour
  6. no opening act!! led zeppelin don´t need support... If i would go to see zep i would be too anxious, i would not bear another group!!!
  7. bonza


    [ And Bonza, hello))) Judging by your usermane, you like Bonzo hah?))))) very nice to meet you 2))))
  8. aawwww this man is amazing, his smile is sooo sweet! it makes you melt.... sorry if my english sucks
  9. bonza


    hi!! i´m new here too!!, my name is Roberta ( yep...that´s my real name )
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