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  1. The pic shows the top half of it but its not finished yet as getting portraits done tomorrow!! Also have the runes at the bottom will probs put a full pic up once its all complete.
  2. He looks far too much like one of my mates around that era (beardy and drunk) and that would just get confusing. Good shot though, interesting choice of hat...
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post and I am asking for a little help from those who may be able to provide it. I am currently two thirds of the way through getting a Zeppelin back piece done and to finish I need to get some good quality portrait pics to show my tattoo artist. Am looking mostly looking for individual headshots but also interested in getting the odd action shot, Bonzo behind the drums would be pretty good. Only thing is they must be best quality possible in order to be useful. Any help will be greatly appreciated even if is a link to another site or even books. Cheers
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