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  1. Sorry I haven't read any previous posts. However i've learnt over the years not to rely on drunk roadies or band friends etc. There's also no smoke without fire. JPJ has just given an interview and he's the most straight up person within the band. If he says nothing has been decided and they're gonna meet sometime this month to talk about it then I believe him. Jason Bonham can't comment because he has self admitted that he's too excitable so he's always the last to know any firm plans. I'm sure he'd drop "Foreigner" at the drop of a hat to do a Zep gig/tour. So it only comes down to Jimmy and Robert. I'm not getting excited about S++T until either of these guys says it's gonna happen. Obviously if Robert gives an interview saying he'll do some Zep gigs then it will happen. However history denotes that this has never happened and it's always been a press release from the band. So until this happens i'd suggest everyone stops tormenting themselves with tabloid tidbits and just keeps their fingers crossed like mine. Because to be honest if they play another gig together half as good as they did at the 02 then they'll be doing a great job!
  2. I have made my feelings publicly known towards Harvey Goldsmith innumerable times. Here's the facts: There was just as much publicity surrounding the purchase of tickets as there was surrounding the event itself. It still didn't stop touts or the like selling either their spare ticket or in some cases both. The 02 staff weren't checking if the wristbands had been "tampered" with at all. The application process was a farce. Lets face it if you're a casual fan or just someone who thinks they can make a quick buck then you're gonna apply. WTF, it doesn't cost anything so why not. Hence the fact they had 125 million applications because the media was saying it was gonna be the gig of the century. "Sound of touts rubbing hands together" As far as i'm concerned Harvey Goldsmith did something that is unforgivable in every single Zep fans eyes. He almost single handedly made sure that the real fans had no chance of attending this concert whilst trying to achieve the exact opposite. This was because of two reasons. 1: he is a complete dinosaur and made no preparation for the amount of applications for tickets he recieved via the website. 2: he had no conception of the fact that the real fans would pay whatever they could to get a ticket, but because of the publicity surrounding the gig after the apparent high security surrounding it, it added a "zero" to every ticket price on the black market, and most genuine Zep fans were priced out (unless you could sell a kidney, or your house etc) I went to the 02 gig. I loved every minute, I paid well over the odds for a ticket and the only person i'm still pissed with is Harvey. The main reason being is that I am a true fan and I got to go. There are millions of others that would have gone but couldn't because of his awful system. Half of the audience only knew one or two songs and had no idea what they were actually witnessing. I actually thought that the crowd reaction to most of the lesser known tracks was embarrassing. The audience should have lifted the roof off after every song cos they played superbly. In future this is what i suggest (and actually what I suggested to Harvey Goldsmith after the website crashed, but hey, he's got his OBE to think of now). When you apply for tickets you have 60 seconds to answer 5-7 questions (multiple choice) about the band you're going to see. They don't have to be nerdy questions, just the kind that your average tout or "never heard of them" punter would maybe not know. The application should allow you to apply by email address only so that the serious fan can apply on behalf of all his friends and famillies addresses once only. At least using this method I probably would have had a decent chance of genuinely aquiring tickets and so would about another 10,000 genuine fans. Which is about the same amount that was lacking at the 02. Cheers!
  3. It does seem that every time Zep have a major release they design a great website, publicise the hell out of it, and then leave it to it's own devices. I remember expecting loads from the site that was designed when DVD, HTWWW came out. If you'd have checked back 3 years later it looked exactly the same as it did in 2003. However the upsides are that there's a great timeline feature now with online programmes, and also a great forum. I suppose that's all we can ask for for now. I'm certainly not expecting any of the band to jump online and give a QnA, or make sure that any forum members get 1st refusal on any future tickets. It's a real shame but I think i've gotten used to it over the years.
  4. Absolutely right. I missed that one. I suppose i'm looking at when it was looking like it became a regular part of the set. I hope you agree that there's only 3 contenders though, DnC, WLL, SIBLY. Cheers!
  5. Er,,,,Saturday December 6th 1969, L'ecole Centrale Paris France. This was the 1st confirmed performance of WLL. I know they took December off which would only reaaffirm my belief that SIBLY was the most played live track. Now off to have some more meds ha! It's all fun but i'd love to know the answer. Best wishes chaps.
  6. Absolutely I think it's a great Idea. I had also looked at when SIBLY was dropped in 75 but I still think that it wins out. Lets wait and see. It's all fun at the end of the day. Cheers!
  7. "Whole Lotta Led". absolutely hilarious! "Stairway To Zeppelin" equally ridiculous. "Led Zep Too + Letz Zep + Graf Zep" I've seen them all. I don't know what to say. there's obviously a lot of bands out there(at least in the UK) that has one person that really wants to tip their hat to Zep. Some of them want to do justice to the original band. Great! however most of the time they sound crap. The best band I've ever seen though are Boot Led Zep. These guys were great. Not only did they recreate the original band in sound and performance but they also looked like them as well. Look at the O2 vid for Kashmir on youtube and then look at the 02 vid for Kashmir when you put in Boot Led Zeppelin. Obviously i'd rather watch Zep play this tune from 77, however, Boot Led Zeppelin are absolutely awesome.
  8. Really Sorry...... Couldn't be bothered to read through all the replies and pick one I fancied answering. Anyway....the cd sounds great. The DVD on the other hand.....well..... I think there's a few corners cut. I would have loved it if the album.."At Last", worked in sync with the vid. Obviously. the sound for both is great. But ....the visuals are sufferring once again. By this I mean that there was an obvious compromise made before the DVD was released. As always Jimmy has made sure that the band sound superb. However I was really hoping that the DVD was going to be, at the very least, following the same set-list. I reckon there was a question of 'MONEY" that reared it's ugly head at some point and unfortunately certain corners were cut. Otherwise the whole concert would have been presented in the amazing Hi-Def from "Rock and Roll" to " The Ocean" in true set list order. It's not even that oversight that ticks me off, it's the fact that there are 2 key tracks for this gig that are presented as extras instead. What a shame! It would have only taken a few hours and a bit of colour correcting to put things right. I'd have done it for nothing. So I guess in a little while i'll be one of the many to offer the "Song Remains The Same DVD" in the proper running order. Cheers!
  9. Just wondering how many people have heard this gig from 22/03/73. I'm particularly talking about the Dazed n Confused segment. All I want to say is....if anyone wanted to know why Zep couldn't continue after Bonzo died, then all the evidence is there. Listen to when Dazed and Confused cuts in til the end. It's completely out of this world. I love listening to this tape so much and it just proves to me why this band always will be the best live band in the world. Cheers1
  10. Ok a drum solo is essentially a "Drum Solo" However even though JB was soloing from 68-77 it was under 3 different titles Pat'sDelight, Moby Dick and Over The Top. Doesn't count sorry!
  11. Well you'd have had to wait til Jan 1970 and then not seen the 1980 tour. I know you've already said that, but I agree I can't imagine Led Zep without Whole Lotta Love but...... it was for a few years!
  12. Thanks so much for the healthy response. For all of those that answered "Stairway To Heaven" I think you haven't done your research.....no offense. Just to set a few things straight.....The 1st noted public performance of Whole Lotta Love was in December 1969. Even though the 2nd album was well completed within this time they were only playing "What Is and What Should Never Be" and "Heartbreaker" live. In fact at this point in time they were starting work on Zep III. At the point when they started introducing Whole Lotta Love as a permanent part of their set they were also "road testing", "Since I've Been Loving You". However I've since worked out that Whole Lotta Love is a very worthy contender for most live played track. Although for most of the 77 tour it was segued into Rock and Roll. I don't know where the Zep police stand on this! To give a rough idea: "Dazed" Played from the start til the end of the 75 tour (aside from hand injuries). Was dropped from US 77, Knebworth and 80 Europe tour. "Whole Lotta Love" Played from December 1969 in whole (including medleys) til 1975. In 1977 it was either dropped from the set, or it was an encore segue into Rock and Roll. It was played at Knebworth, however it wasn't part of the setlist on their 1980 Europe tour. "Since I've Been Loving You" was first played in January 1970. And as far as I know it was played at nearly every live gig "in full" til the bands demise in 1980. I THINK "SIBLY" IS THE TRACK MOST PLAYED LIVE BY LED ZEPPELIN So WLL and SIBLY were a month apart from being live staples in the average Zep set. However WLL was in and out towards the end and SIBLY was always there so........back to my original question. After reading my ramblings, What do you think was the most played out of Dazed and SIBLY and possibly WLL? Please no more Stairway, Rock n Roll or any other contenders. These were the most played songs in their career. Cheers!
  13. Dear Mr Goldsmith, You are a twat. You have absolutely no idea of modern culture. You are a dinosaur, trying to be part of the modern way of life. If fans want to go to a gig then they will pay whatever they want and exploit whatever means they have to. I wanted to see Led Zeppelin like my life depended on it, and guess what......I did. I had to pay a large amount of money to do so.....I paid over £1,000. Is this what you wanted? I know you were trying to stop touts and also trying to stop resale of tickets. However, my need to see this band play live was greater than than your pathetic attempt to try and stop ticket touting. I am 100% in favour of ticket touting if it means that real fans end up attending the concert. REAL FANS WILL PAY WHATEVER THE COST. Maybe you felt that out of 18.000 ticket applications, a few thousand would actually know 1 song . To be honest I thought the crowd reaction was pathetic. If you'd have filled the place with Zep fans then the reaction would have been ecstatic. The whole night was amazing. Led Zeppelin was superb and they played an amazing set, Jason Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones played out of their skins and they made my dream come true. Seeing Led Zeppelin as the true force they once were. If that means that they are no longer then i'm happy with that for now.
  14. Don't know what to say in response. It's so full of "Hero worship Angst". I mean we've had enough of Dave Grohl trying to fill Bonzo's shoes for the last 10 years. Is this the latest episode that fans have to put up with because Nuno "Likes Zep", and wants to play Heartbreaker. I'm bored of these people. Probably being a bit harsh but I think I've been jaded after the whole Harvey Goldsmith "Biggest Fan" gets to go bullshit. I did get to go, and it cost me a lot of money, and I met a lot of idiots on the day who had no idea who or what Led Zeppelin were and why the gig was important. I still feel ashamed.
  15. I don't know why i'm posting this cos i'm just putting myself out there to be voted Zep anorak of the year. Anyway, this is something that i've always wondered about. I've always wondered what song Led Zeppelin played the most times live. Don't ask me why but I suppose it's just one of those things. I own nearly every live bootlegged performance from them and I've got it down to 2 songs. So..... The contenders are "Dazed and Confused" and "Since I've Been Loving You". Remember this is only for when Led Zep played these songs. Not "Page and Plant" or "The Yardbirds" or the "02". Even though "Dazed" was in the set right from the start and they were doing a lot of Matinee shows, from the spring tour 1970 SIBLY seemed to be in the set constantly til the bands demise in 1980. "Dazed" had stopped being a regular part of the set after the Earls Court gigs. Maybe I'm just trying to reach out to some Zep nerds! Thanks for replying
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