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  1. It is an olde worlde saying in the English countryside which means " local bit of trouble on your nieghbourhood" I hope this helps
  2. Hi , I have a bar too and a pair of RP's platforms sitting on top. They were given to me by RP's brother-in-law when we were sat in RP's private studio at his farm in Kidder!!!! JB's big symbol was there too but that was sacred and no one was allowed to touch!! G
  3. Grant


    Hi, Does any one have the digital copies of the entrance tickets for "Song remains the Same" film?
  4. There is no doubt that a 2008 tour is on the cards.. we have been hearing rumblings of this for sometime now (local connections -we live up the road from RP) ...The download platform is in, the website is up and the band are ready to rock and roll. I saw them just Plant and Page at their last set of shows pre millenium and boy they were amazing. I was lucky enough to go back stage and chat with Robert before he went on and after the Wembly show we went back stage to the party afterwards - An unforgettable experience and yes "we are not worthy" Unfortunatley we couldn't get tickets for th
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