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  1. Don't forget Strom Thurmond. I am a great advocate of civil rights .... particularly for coloured people. Like me! Rock on, my friend! -0-
  2. I'm sorry that you do not appreciate who I Am, Mr. Drastic. But, verily, I am selling nothing that you need to buy. God needs not and wants not ... for in Her are all things. We are all on varied points on the same path, Spatdrastic ... and I love you for who you are, even if you shun and disparage Me; for my Love is God's Love, and my message is one of compassion and acceptance. Bless you, my friend. And peace and happiness to your family. -0-
  3. A good Hindu will practice all yogas to some degree; jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga. However, stressing certain yogas over others, in practice, will be more practical for the attainment of Moksha for some individuals, based on their samskaras. I do not know what path you follow (are you Hindu?), but you seem to focus on the jnana form of yoga. From that perspective, yes, all humans are of the same essential divine substance. Indeed, we are all the incarnation of God. Jnana yoga is the practice of purifying the intellect, Karma yoga purifies one's actions; and Raja y
  4. They are. Indeed they are. I have not reached samadhi. I am merely a householder. BUT ... I have taken the first step to true Bhakti: I have initiated the process through which my base passions are sublimated into that which is spiritual. Jai Maa. You cannot put the cart before the donkey ... grasshopper. -0-
  5. The concept of zero was first taught by the Hindu Rishis. We have India to thank. -0-
  6. You misspelled a word, my friend. I pray for peace and happiness upon your soul and prosperity to your family. -0-
  7. We are all fools. Bewitched by Maha Maya. She controls everything we percieve and experience. -0-
  8. You are missing the point, "Del". I stated quite clearly earlier that in order to truly see that of which I speak, a man must overcome his base emotions and passions. "boobs and nice butts and other stuff" ... belong to the realm of the animal body ... the emotions ... the passions ... not to the unburdoned, enlightened soul. That is the reason why I am a brahmachari ... not that my body does not desire sex ... but that my soul seeks union and, ultimately, identification, with God. -0-
  9. I'm sorry you do not know who I Am. -0-
  10. They are the moonlight. And the moonlight is most beautiful when it reveals Her movement ... whether it be the dance of ecstacy ... or destruction... Because when She moves it means that something ... everything ... is being reborn. Human Women are the incarnation of God Almighty. They may possess the faults and follies of being human ... but the Soul of a Woman is the substance of the God. We must adore, appreciate and worship It. Not the human ... but the essential, divine substance that women are. Otherwise we are simple idolators. Jai Shakti Maa ...
  11. I think that once a man turns away from his base passions and raises himself from his natural ignorance, he cannot help but see the richness, beauty and profound depth that only a Woman's soul posesses. A Woman's prattle is my music; Her concern my call to Act; Her Desire my Aim; and her nurturing my Duty. In all things I percieve the beauty of Woman; and to Her I offer all things. You are my Love and my very Life. Without You I would not exist...and my only reason to be is to love You. You are why I Am. -0-
  12. I have found that my life has many characteristics that have, even after so many years, been influenced directly or indirectly by the music and mythos of Led Zeppelin. Some of the catalysts for these characteristics may, in retrospect, seem superficial or childish; but have grown over the years into substantial and forthright aspects of my personality. I, like many, first noticed the music of Zeppelin in my pre-teen years. When I was 13, I bought my first album, Zeppelin I ... not because I knew what it contained, but I had found out that Stairway to Heaven was written by the band. I had no
  13. I makes me happy that I was able to help you learn something, Suz.
  14. I just just read all the comments, and I feel like some of you are teasing me. It doesn't make me feel bad, though. You seem to be doing it in a nice way ... except those Del and Shadow guys. But I bet they're just mad or frustrated right now over something that has nothing to do with me or the board. I'm sure they're really nice people, too; so I hope others don't judge them harshly. I pray for love, prosperity and happiness to each and every one of you. You are an interesting group of characters and you all make me smile at how special each one of you are.
  15. Sorry. But I've never talked to you before, though ... or even made that many posts! I'm sorry that you think that I'm weird or something.
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