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  1. Heart of rock and roll - Huey Lewis and the News
  2. My first pet was a black poodle when I was about 5. Medium size. One day I said in passing to my husband how elegant poodles are (the standards). Well that year for my birthday I woke up to a little black fuzz ball licking my face. My husband bought me a black standard. As a little puppy he was so entertaining to watch that I named him Jester. And yes the 61 is when I was born and that tells you just how old I am!
  3. We come from the lands of ice and snow - oh I mean Kentucky Bluegrass at about 19 degrees with lots of wind. I'm dreading looking at my car in the morning because some branch flew out of a tree and hit my car while I was driving home from work.
  4. I'd put up a copy of the cover but can't figure out how to get it on here. My most recent purchase was PURE CULT THE SINGLES 1984-1995 My favorite tracks are on it are: Fire Woman Lil' Devil Spiritwalker The Witch Rain Edie (Ciao Baby) Wild Flower This CD rocksssss!
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