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  1. Wish I lived in a place where I could run into Percy - instead of in this hole....lol Damn, he looks good. Rested & ready - for the Zep reunion tour.....;o)
  2. LidlessEye

    A big project?

    Yes, I sure as hell hope something big really is in the cards - something involving a TOUR, by God....
  3. Whatever it is, I'm hoping beyond hope that it'll involve Jimmy touring: I've just GOT to see The Man before it's too late.....
  4. She's got Pappy's peepers alright....lol. Lovely bride.
  5. LidlessEye

    O2 concert DVD

    I never saw TSRTS in theaters (oh, did I want to!), but I well remember the huge lines snaking for blocks for those numerous midnight shows. NO other band had their mystique & drawing power.
  6. Oh, it's all just a matter of individual tastes.
  7. Mercury was a good performer, but as a singer, I don't think he belongs near either Plant or Rodgers.
  8. Now, THAT'S the great prize, IMO: a photo with The Man himself. I'd give anything to have one!
  9. A tantalizing tidbit from JPJ, to be sure. I find it curious that he'd didn't quickly add "it's NOT with Jimmy & Jason, by the way": being secretive about a big upcoming project with 2 other non LZ-related heavy-hitters is one thing, but it seems, to me at least, that he'd want to squelch any wildfire speculation about the likelihood of THE longed-for tour - if it WASN'T in the cards. And so we wait with cautious hope.....
  10. The media creates that shit. Scum like MTeeHee's "Sumner Redstone" & Judy McGrath. In this degenerate "Western" society the above usurpers and others of their ilk have created with their media stranglehold, being on the idiot box is the Ultimate - doesn't matter what for. Lemmings love reality filth precisely because the "star" assclowns are has-beens or never-wases. It enables them to dream: "Hey - I don't have any brains or talent either! I could be a star, too!" For proof, witness all the fruits 'n nuts that crawl out from under their slimy rocks for the American Idol auditions, As for Howard Stern: that camel-faced bastard is badly in need of a lengthy dirtnap.
  11. (Placing index finger on lips, commencing rapid up-down motion): BLUBBITTYBLUBBITTYBLUBBITY......
  12. Hilarious list. Any list where painful garbage like Bon phony places ahead of KASMHIR cannot be taken seriously. Let's face it, they're a bunch of over-rewarded Jersey hacks that evoke nothing but NAUSEA with their cheeseball ballads and corny cliche fake rockers. Ugggh!! Yeah. I've always hated those turds, too: a little bit of nothing whittled down to a sharp point - "but Jon is, like, soooo HOT!!". Bottom line: You can't expect idiots raised on "Sumner Redstone's" ©rap/grunge '90s MTeeHee to know what real music is. Or even how to put their baseball caps on straight or pull their baggy-ass pants up. As for those worthless hacks Bret Michaels & Dee Snider: someone please set the former's faggy straw cowgirl hat on fire (while he's wearing it), and as for the latter, just keep the butt-ugly motherfucker the hell off the airwaves..... It's for the CHILDREN!
  13. Ahhh, so slimy old geriatric fart "Sumner Redstone" strikes yet again, eh? That hideous bastard's Viacom evil empire has utterly destroyed rock & roll. Even his own family hates his greasy guts. At least it's gratifying to know that after causing vast cultural devastation for so many years the scum is now in deep financial shit.
  14. It's simply impossible to find a singer whose stature can even come close to equaling that of Plant or the band, so the choice must be made on the issues of vocal ability and stylistic fit. Dio has without question still got the pipes. If he dispensed with his tacky Devil horns hand gesture metal shit for the duration, I think he'd do an outstanding job. Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest singers of all time (and we know Jimmy thinks so, too); we know he'd handle many of the numbers brilliantly, so it's only a question of style. Personally, I can't really see him pulling off, say, Battle of Evermore convincingly, though. Ann Wilson is an intriguing dark horse: she definitely has the vocal power to pull it off, and a well-known love of Zep. Plus, the surprise pick of a woman (along with some fresh material) would make it clear that this is something new - not just a nostalgia trip with the best Robert stand-in they could scrounge up.
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